GRE Study Tips to score 330 : May the force be with you!

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GRE Study Tips Shared by Leelakrishna Nukala

GRE Study Tips to score 330

GRE requires persistent and tenacious preparation. It is a dry and boring exam, but then again when is an exam ever interesting and fun, right?!  Although, the good thing about GRE is that you don’t need to sit down with your books and slog it out, like we do for any competitive exam in India. On the rather contrary, it requires a continuous and subtle study process. The plus points to the GRE is that not only is it easier to score than any competitive exam you’ll ever face in India at the graduate level; it is also much less competitive.

GRE Study Tips

One of the primary queries for any one beginning their preparation for the GRE is the word list. I did the Princeton review material and the Kaplan frequent words but I didn’t remember all of them even on the day of my exam. The first section of verbal was insanely easy, and all the words were from the frequent word lists. The second verbal section though was extremely tough. I had never heard of some of the words. However, since I had done well in the first section (I’m assuming so because I had an incredibly tough second verbal section) my overall verbal score was good.

GRE Study Tips for the Verbal Section:

• There is absolutely no point in mugging up 3500 words when chances are that you might not get any one of them. Do around 700-1000 words from the frequent word lists that you can easily find online. It is more than enough.

• When you have fifteen days left, practice 2 RC’s every day. Familiarize yourself with the line of thought required to answer most of the GRE RC’s. They are quite direct, and the answer is present within the RC. A little bit of practice and you can make this your strong suit.

• If you are aiming for 160+ in verbal, Norman Lewis’ word power made easy was suggested to me by many of my seniors. However, I personally didn’t go through the book, as I didn’t have much time.

GRE Study Tips for Quant Section:

As most of the GRE test takers from India are from Engineering or Economics backgrounds, the quant section is not much of a challenge. However, taking this section lightly can prove to be fatal for any one of us, as considering the deductive and empirical nature of our majors, we are expected to score well in this section.

If you are aiming for a top 20 college, anything north of 165 would suffice, however, a 170 would be a cherry on top of your most probable stellar application. However, If you struggle with the quant section, there is no need to worry. GRE doesn’t require amazing mathematical techniques or skills. They can be learnt or put into use. Practice is the only key to success.

Practice. Practice. Practice. That is the only way you can familiarize yourself with the kind of questions asked in the GRE and this is the main GRE Study Tip.

I hope this helps. All the best for your GRE!

May the force be with you!
Leelakrishna Nukala
(GRE Score 330: 163 verbal, 167 Quant)


Thank you Leelakrishna for sharing such wonderful GRE Study tips with the fellow readers. All the best with rest of your application procedure and May the force be with you too :)

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27 thoughts on “GRE Study Tips to score 330 : May the force be with you!

  1. thanx for your great article..
    Can you tell me where can I get/download those 700-1000 words from the frequent word lists on the internet.. I am preparing for GRE so that would be of great help. Thanx in advance :)

  2. Hi,
    I have scored 330 in GRE (170 Q+ 160 V). My TOEFL score is 112. I am doing B.TECH in Computer Engineering from NIT. My current CGPA 7.7/10. I had scored 98% ( 100% in Maths, 99% in Chem & 95 % in Phy) marks in XII (CBSE, India) Examination. I want to apply for MS in Computer Science/Engineering in the Top 10 Engineering Schools viz. Carnegie Melon, UT Austin, Cornell , UCLA, plus some other schools ranked in the range 10-20 .
    Please let me know if I will have a chance of getting admission in these dream schools.
    Eagerly awaiting your reply.

    1. Well Chirag Congrats on a good score in GRE and TOEFL both :)

      Though your acads are slightly on a lower side but the NIT tag will help. If you can get some good Letter of Recommendations from Ph.D Professors and write a real good SOP, you’ll most probably land in CMU, UCLA or any other dream school.

      But mind well that apart from GRE, TOEFL and CGPA, there are certain other criteria as well such as Internships, Work Ex, International Publications and that will compensate for your CGPA :)

      BTW, Check your mail and reply ASAP :)

      All the best for Application Process :D

  3. Hey Man,
    I just took my first practise test on Magoosh and scored a mere 302 :( .
    Now, that not something I had expected! I know my vocabs a bit low, but still, 144 in verbal was a shame for me!
    Giving GRE next month, share some force with me! I’ve kaplan 2014 GRE premier, Nova maths, Barrons GRE 2012 and some Word lists(Illegal :P) from around the web! How should I proceed with preparation?

  4. hai,
    i am peersuving EEE in a local college(JBIET) in hyderebad.i have an aggregate of 85%,and wants to join CMG and practising in gre i got 165 maths and 145 nearly in eng,i would improve both and could you suggest me how to improve my score to get in to CMG.

  5. Can you give me a list of Universities which accepts 3 years Indian Degree for a MS CS Program? I heard that a few Universities allow a candidate with 15 years of formal education

  6. Hi.
    I have been taking GRE coaching since 2 months and now I have 10 days left for my GRE exam. I’m not good at quant. Do I have sufficient time for the revision to get a good score? And also, is it a good idea to learn new words now? Please help me.

  7. Hi ,
    I have scored 328 in GRE (168 Q+ 160 V). I have 3.5 years of experience , 2 years as software developer and 1.5 years as entrepreneur .
    But problem is my GPA in graduation(B.Tech) is very low , its 5.8/10 . I want to apply for MS in Computer Science/Engineering in the range of rank 15-25 . I don’t have much financial support , Please let me know if I will have a chance of getting admission in these schools and is there any chance of getting scholarship.

  8. sir, i got 301 in GRE and hoping for 7.5 band in IELTS. I am maintaining a 78 percent in my mechanical engineering.I do not have any research paper submitted on my side.sir please guide me weather I will be able to make it to TU Berlin, TU HAMBERG and RWTH Achen.

  9. Hi,

    I did my M.Tech from NIT. what to do PHD from US.
    for PHD also they need high scores and do we get Aid for PHD.

    I have 6 years work experience.

    Thanking you,

  10. hi,
    i have my engineering degree in electronics and communication. Now i m doing job in a software firm from last 2 years. i want to pursue MS in electronics ,VLSI or communication systems. What are the chances of getting admission into top university having the said career path…???

  11. Hi,
    The article was helpful. Could you please mail me the 700-1000 high frequency latest GRE word list. I am preparing for my GRE..
    Thanks in advance !! :)

  12. I want to know how to score good in verbal
    I have only 20 days left for my exams
    Please suggest which word list should I use?

  13. I am preparing GRE. Can you tell me where can I get/download those 700-1000 words from the frequent word lists on the internet or please mail me the 700-1000 high frequency latest GRE word list

  14. I got 300 (154q-146v) in my first attempt what should I practice to increase my score upto 310+?

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