GRE Study Plan : How to score 320+ on GRE in less than 3 months

GRE study plan

So you’re aiming for a 320+ score on GRE to target top universities and you need a GRE Study plan to get you that target score . You need to organize yourself very well. I’ve designed this GRE Study plan to get you that 320+ score. Follow the schedule, and you will be good :)

GRE Study Plan

Essential Materials:

Optional Materials:

GRE Study Plan:

-> Daily Schedule: First Month

-> Verbal

  • 35 words per day from Manhattan 500 Essential & Advanced Words.
    Also write it down in your Notebook too.
  • Learn RC Strategies from Manhattan RC Guide
  • Practice 2 RC’s per day from

-> Quantitative

  • Finish all the Manhattan 6 Quantitative Series of Books in 20 Days
  • Next, Start with the Princeton 1014 Practice Questions
  • Optional: Do sums from Manhattan 5 lb. book of GRE Practice Problems


-> Daily Schedule: Next 15 Days


  •  Go with Manhattan SE TC Guide and attempt all the SE TC Questions
  • Next, go with SE TC Drills from Princeton 1014 Practice Questions
  • For CR, Practice all the CR Drills from PowerScore GMAT CR Bible
  • Optional: Go through’s 1500 wordlists / Barron’s 1100 words

-> Quantitative

  •  Finish Princeton 1014 Practice Questions
  • Next, go with ETS Official Guide and solve all the Quantitative sums
  • Optional: Do sums from Manhattan 5 lb. book of GRE Practice Problems
  • Optional: Solve Magoosh Practice Problems


-> Daily Schedule: Next 20 Days


  •  For RC, Practice all the RC Drills from Manhattan RC and Princeton 1014 Practice Questions
  • Optional: Go through’s 1500 wordlists / Barron’s 1100 words


  • Go with Nova Math Bible and Finish it
  • Optional: Do sums from Manhattan 5 lb. book of GRE Practice Problems
  • Optional: Solve Magoosh Practice Problems

-> Daily Schedule: Next 17 days (Take Mock Exams)


Take mock exams and analyze your mistakes and work on them.! Also solve Magoosh Practice Questions.

Optional: Go through Barron’s 333 High Frequency words

  • 1st Day: Kaplan 1st MST / Magoosh Practice Test
  • 2nd Day: Kaplan 2nd MST / Magoosh Practice Test
  • 3rd Day: Kaplan 3rd MST / Magoosh Practice Test
  • 4th Day: Kaplan 4th MST / Magoosh Practice Test
  • 5th Day: Kaplan 5th MST / Magoosh Practice Test
  • 6th Day: ETS Official Guide 1st Practice Test
  • 7th Day: ETS Official Guide 2nd Practice Test
  • 8th Day: Manhattan 1st MST
  • 9th Day: Manhattan 2nd MST
  • 10th Day: Manhattan 3rd MST
  • 11th Day: Manhattan 4th MST
  • 12th Day: Manhattan 5th MST
  • 13th Day: Manhattan 6th MST
  • 14th Day: ETS Powerprep 1st Test
  • 15th Day: ETS Powerprep 2nd Test
  • 16th Day: Revise words, Math formulaes and Take proper rest
  • The D – Day: The GRE Exam

A day after exam: Come back to this post and tell us how it went in the comments! :D

You can change this GRE Study plan as per your convenience considering you have more months to prepare. I have considered that you work 3 hours/day on weekdays and 5-6 hours/day on weekends.

I hope this GRE Study Plan helps you to achieve that 320+ GRE Score. All the best :)

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42 thoughts on “GRE Study Plan : How to score 320+ on GRE in less than 3 months

  1. hey chirag i hav still 30 days oly left for my exam.. i still coudn’t able to start my preparation. suggest me how to prepare for exams.. pl kindly help me out ..

  2. r the above tests u mentioned r all for free or should i pay for it ?…if they r free juz post the links ..and if should i buy juz tell me from where should i buy..

  3. Heyy, Thank you soo much for guiding me directly or indirectly I finished my GRE with a score of 317 Quant 165 Verbal 152. Ivee thoroughly followed your timetable.. May God bless u.

  4. Hi Chirag,

    I am going to give my GRE in NOV second week.
    I was thinking of giving it since a long time but was not sure because of my job.
    So I finally took a date thinking ill start studying at least then.
    So now I have like 2 months, I’ll also be doing my job alongside so consider 12 hrs of my day wasted there. I tried coming home and studying but it is very difficult.

    Is there any hope of getting a good score? or shall I be postponing my date?
    The material I have is all the notes from a class (IMFS). It contains notes on Verbal and Quants.., a few flashcard apps and e-books (which I am not so used to reading) (I have Magoosh GRE Prep, Manhattan 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems). I have not joined any classes as such. I am terrible at vocab and reading too.
    Can you throw some suggestion as to how do I go about with my preparations while doing my job at the same time. And what all topics I need to focus on and spend time at the most along with the most essential materials required (because ill end up having a lot of things and then just end up messing up and not doing anything properly.)

  5. Firstly great article!!I am going to start preparations for GRE and I just gave a Princeton practice test just to see my level before I start.I got 313(165-Math,148-Verbal). I am pretty confident in Quants but I really lack vocab knowledge.How should I go about preparing for verbal if I want my score around 330-335 range?I will be giving GRE in another three months time.Please suggest articles and news journals to have an extensive verbal knowledge.

  6. this is good n wondering to know about gre n great thanks for your suggestions ……………………………………………..i will now prepare well

  7. Hi Chirag,
    I just landed here in Indianapolis last night along with my husband & i’am currently on H4 visa and i’am thinking of giving GRE on 30th of May for the fall 2014 . I’am planning for Indiana-Purdue ( IUPUI ) UNIVERSITY . So basically i just have a month to study. Could you please help me out with some tips and tricks,time-table,study schedule,etc. Although i hold a strong ground in vocab bt i can’t say the same for Math i.e quants. I lag behind in this area. Could u me in any which way.

    And thanks for ur timetable although i don’t think i can follow it now.

  8. hi chirag , is it k if i go through second edition GRE strategy guides?? or else i had to but those third edition books?? please reply as soon as possible .. thanks in advance

  9. Do you have any suggestions for preparing for the subject tests? I followed a similar study plan for the general GRE, and did great! I now have 3 months to prepare for the Psychology Subject GRE exam.
    Looking forward to receiving your advice!

  10. Hai , chirag u told in verbal “Learn RC Strategies from Manhattan RC Guide”, i want to buy it can u please give me any link to buy it in online :) thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Sree, Please see the second link mentioned in the post it contains link to all the manhattan guides, among them choose the Manhattan Reading comprehension and essay’s guide.

  11. i am totally confused in this whole procedure of getting into foreign universities.
    will you explain me Plzzzz.

  12. Hey Chirag
    thnx for ur helpful post
    do u recommend the “GRE General Test Cram plan , second edition” ( CliffsNotes)
    Kindly advise

    1. Hi Cassie,

      Yes, this is the plan for the revised GRE (rGRE). Please feel free to ask in case of any queries.

  13. I want to prepare for GRE and since I will be starting from new semester I want to give GRE before 2.5 months. I want to take Magoosh GRE course but they dont have 2-3 Month DAILY planner. I know they have the weekly schedule but since I will be studying by myself alone I want a mentor to tell me my daily targets as it would give me necessary push and motivation. Can you guide me to a daily 2-3 month planner? There are class room coaching(Princeton Review) too which I am thinking about them too but am confused which one to choose.

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