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GRE Experience : Preparation, Books, Study Tips to score 325+

Does one really need to slog 6 hours a day or is only a small amount of smart work required to do well on the GRE? Most people would go with the former pointing to the saying that the harder you work, the better the result. Now that is undoubtedly true in most exams, but the GRE is a little different. A lot different, actually. All one needs to do well on this exam is have a target score in your mind and a willingness to do what is needed.

I started my preparation in the second week of January, exactly 2 months before my final date. My focus then was on improving my vocabulary and mastering quant. I did not start with Verbal until about the 1st week of February as I thought there was no reason in solving sentence completions when I was very weak at vocabulary. Some people may disagree, but I did what I thought was best at that point of time and I’d do it the same way if I have to do it again.

I studied from a wide range of sources including Nova and Barrons for Quant, Barrons and the Official ETS Guide for Verbal. Word-lists included the official Baron’s 800 and the 1500 word-list. I also solved the Princeton 1014 questions to an extent.

The problem is that the more books you refer, the number of tricks you come across to solve questions increases. One of the most important things while studying for the GRE is not to get overwhelmed by all these tricks and tips mentioned in the books. Take what you feel helps you but if you feel your technique WORKS BETTER FOR YOU than ignore that particular trick. Do it YOUR WAY because thats the first method that will strike you while you’re solving sums on the final day.

When it comes to the essay, don’t stress too much. Just practice breaking down some of the arguments from the pool of essays given on the ETS website. As far as the issue essay is concerned, go through some of the material available on the internet. It won’t help a lot as you obviously can’t remember 125 essays but you will at least have an idea of how the typical GRE issue essay is to be written.

Last but not the least, the most important part of your GRE preparation is giving tests. I gave about 15 tests, all available for free on the internet. Try learning from your mistakes in quant and RC’s. Also, make a note of all the words that you did not understand during the test. Some tests do not have the experimental section but ones that do, must be practiced properly. It is an absolute pain to sit through that experiment section but there is a HUGE possibility that your LAST SECTION ON THE GRE MAY NOT BE YOUR EXPERIMENTAL SECTION.

I’d like to end this by just saying that you don’t need to slog it out for the GRE. Just give a few hours everyday and study smart. Nothing can stop you from doing well.

-Gaurav Keswani
328/340 and 5.0 in AWA


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This experience is shared by Gaurav.

Wonderful experience and congrats on scoring 328 in GRE. If you have any queries related to GRE, comment below.

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