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GRE Experience

GRE Experience

My GRE Experience. My Gre journey started last year here in vallabh vidyanagar when I joined a local coaching institute for GRE coaching. Well it was a sort of polishing action and a bit of orientation but the main reason I joined was because I knew that I would not study on my own for a even a couple of hours every day.  Now that I look back, I feel coaching was not necessary at all for GRE.


Fast forwarding to the real preparations, I booked my GRE date of 12th of July just a few days before my end semester exams in May. I knew I would be short on time but I also knew that the best way to bring the optimum of performance was when I had to race against time. Many of my classmates were reluctant to take a data so haphazardly but I and a couple of my roommates decided it was time – Now or never. So keeping in mind that we will only get around 30 days we booked our D-day!

I called up Chirag and told him about my GRE date, that was a turning point. One of my best friends and an altruistic human being, Chirag who himself is preparing for GRE right now made a thorough and time saving study plan for me. He knew I was running short on time so he chose the best material for my preparations and there I was with Manhattan, Nova and Princeton 1014. I started my preparations with Manhattan GRE books and finished them a day before the scheduled 12-day quota. This gave me an extra day so I thoroughly revised my concept from those same 6 books. I had marked some of the conceptual and tough questions. This gave me the advantage of looking over the sums at a quick pace on the 12th day . For verbal , I knew SE and TC were of no use without vocab. So I studied RCs from codecoax and Manhattan.

Next in line according to the original schedule was Nova Math Bible. I consulted chirag and told him about my undergoing preparations. We felt I was doing well but was getting a bit bored and irritated from the Hard drills of the manhattan especially from a couple of chapters from the last 2-3 books. Not that they were really tough but these kinda questions were very unlikely to appear on the GRE and believe me they didn’t! So keeping in mind this fact, chirag advised me to do Princeton 1014 ahead of Nova to keep the rhythm going and not lose my pace out of overheating! But my fickle mind had some other ideas, call it superstitious or whatever but I was reluctant to go for 1014 drills and decided to finish Nova first . This worked for me, though I lost pace for a couple of days as predicted by chirag out of sheer frustration! I was studying for two months straight ( End semesters and then GRE) staying away from home even when the whole world was enjoying vacations. But now that I look back I feel, I did the right thing as Nova is a very well crafted book and one of my top recommendations for GRE preparation. It helped me build and test my concepts from time to time. I was lagging a day behind my schedule initially but I gave up on RCs and wordlists for a couple of days and I was back on track.

After finishing Nova, I had a sense of satisfaction that I had cleared my basic concepts well and finished thoroughly two of the biggest GRE preparation books. So now Princeton 1014 seemed like a cakewalk. Nova gives you the endurance to solve not only long books but also Significantly long books like 1014.


By this time I had also built my vocab on around 600-650 words mostly from the Barron’s wordlist and also from Norman Lewis. This gave me encouragement to start on SE TC. I had decided that I would solve only a few sets of the same namely from ETS OG, one of my coaching centre book and Princeton 1014 drills. So I added this task to my daily verbal quota of RCs and wordlist.


After finishing all the above material in about 20-22 days, I still had about 10 days for practice tests. I started with Kaplan.

Kaplan MST -1  : 317

Kaplan MST-2 : 317

Kaplan MST – 3 : 316

ETS powerprep I – 316

Manhattan free MST – 328 ( :P )

Kaplan MST -4 : 316

Powerprep II – 323 ( +-2 I don’t remember exactly)



Real GRE score : Quant – 168  and Verbal – 152 , Total 320


GRE experience :  The test centre staff at prometric Ahmedabad was extremely friendly. The ambience was not soothing but anyhow I and my friends managed to keep our school. Got a dummy quant! Nice issue and full of flaw argument! J

The DI was not tough at all but only a little tricky and had concepts from other chapters involved.

There were numerous questions which could be solved at first glance within seconds if you have your concepts clear. On the other hard a few questions in DI also used concepts from a wide range of chap like probability, statistics , percentage and ratio proportion. Just keep your calm , you will do well.

I hope my GRE Experience helps. Here’s the Study Plan.

Keep pinging :)

9 thoughts on “GRE experience from the Admin @ higheredublog

  1. Congrats on your great score!! I’m sure this write can be a motivation to many people who step away from the GRE because they’re cutting too short..

  2. heyy avi…
    I have scored 303(Quant152,Verbal151) in my first attempt,
    Should I give another test..
    I have heard that universities take best of the scores.
    So if i score good in quant,despite of the vrbal score..
    they will take best of one..??



  3. I just got a doubt.. Are you talking about Nova’s GRE Math Prep Course or Nova’s GRE Math Bible ??? Because in the article you said Nova Math Bible but the link takes me to Nova GRE Prep Course.. Are they both same ???

    1. Nova Math Bible was for the Old GRE but it is good for the NEW GRE as well. And the one which you found in the link is the NEW GRE Nova Math Prep Book. Both are almost same. :)

  4. hi

    I want to know how to improve verbal score because I trying all the thing but my score is not improving in verbal as I started with 143 and still getting the same score any suggestion.


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