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GRE Exam: A story of success with Higher Education Blog

GRE Exam Experience Shared by one of the readers and a close friend of mine (who chose to remain anonymous)

GRE Exam Score : 314 (Q: 163 V: 151)

I write this in order to help especially the students who are many in numbers, like me, who give this new GRE exam, and the process from decision making than goes on to choosing the dates and giving the test would be just couple of months. Yes you can crack it even in few months, with an average brain, no classes, hardly any purchase materials or mentors by your side and get a decent score! How to score around 315 is what I mean and definitely worthy for you if you are looking at a similar or round about score!

Fix your targets, and set them a little higher than what you feel to achieve!  Sometimes, you would end up higher than your actual aim or at least until your actual aim. How do you break off sections? I was familiar with the Quant Section of GRE Exam since I had been doing some of the aptitude tests or entrance exams, QUANT in GRE Exam is indeed easy, and it only comes to concern when you set the target to higher limits. I would suggest all of you reading this to target 160 plus, the ones who feel do not have strong grip on verbal, for them the revised target should be 165-166 in Quants section, just try to get every question right and avoid silly mistakes, moreover rectify them. The verbal section for many, like me would not be a cup of tea, it would be rather a case of survival through abrupt struggle. I managed 150 plus in verbal in the end and I feel 2 key artifacts that would help to get you there: Vocabulary (the 1000 odd words that you must learn) , Tips to crack the verbal section and paying accurate attention, not getting worked up or bored is what I mean to say. Below I mention the list of materials that would give you more idea about how to proceed.

Materials used for GRE Exam:

– MANHATTAN QUANT BOOKS (6 of them must be OWNED)
– NOVA MATH BIBLE ( Complete the book-anyhow!!)
-MANHATTAN 5lb books( I would not suggest the entire book for everyone who would struggle with time or has good grip on the Quant section, rather randomly do couple of questions, from each chapter)

The other Do’s for Quant:
– Generate you own book for formulas, be it the easiest or the most important.
– Do get in touch with the cheeky formulas is well, the tricks that you see very often, note them down.
– Practice and Practice more, no shortcuts, identify your silly mistakes and rectify them, do not repeat them, try and get knowledge about every quant topic and method (It is possible really)

– MANHATTAN ADVANCED AND ESSENTIAL WORD LIST, 1000 odd of those, MUST AND MOST IMPORTANT! I literally spent most of my time after this list only!
– Manhattan 5 lb. books RC’s and CR’s (that would help, be in touch with them, learn the tricks, understand the topic well and try to answer the questions with more concentration)
– For SE and TC questions, be thorough with the vocab 1st, start with Manhattan SE and TC book.
– Do SE and TC Questions from Barron’s book, Princeton Book and few questions in random from 5 lb. and Princeton 1017 (or whatever questions). The most important part for scoring here, is noting down the words you don’t know along with its meaning and also the pairs in SE with its meaning and learn them twice before test)

WHICH MST’s to take for GRE Exam?
– At least 5 of the 6 Manhattan Mock Tests, which you get by purchasing 1 of their books. ( Do give complete tests in proper time without breaks or pauses, at least in most of them, BE TRUE TO YOURSELF)
My GRE verbal scores actually resembled to these mocks!

– 2 ETS GRE Exam Power Prep tests (It is not at all compulsory you will get scores near about to what you get here only!) I had 303 in the 1st and 306 in the 2nd with just couple of days to test, ended up with 314 on the actually ETS GRE exam.
My Quant scores in both these exams and also the real GRE exam were 163 every time!

– Couple of Kaplan Mock Tests(4&5) are recommended (on the basis of days left for you, but they contain the experimental section that is why they become important, Quant here is much easy though, I gave 2 of them)

What you take from these Mock Tests except practice and test exposure?
Your Mistakes! You must know every question after the test has ended and the new test begins…!!! Remember this, identify and rectify your mistakes.

The test center people were very co-operative, choose PRO-METRIC center and relax on the day before your exams, just the words and formula, do not get tensed! Take proper sleep!

Practice, Keep Your Cool, Relax and Concentrate. SAVE YOUR BEST FOR THE GRE EXAM DAY!!!
Good Luck :)

A testimony for Higher Education Blog:

“An entity which paved way for me to a get a decent GRE score couple of days back. I did not attend any kind of classes, neither did learn from anybody, I though following this blog; just the 45 days time-table and the materials they mention. I was lucky to have someone at my side running this blog itself who would help me with the smallest of queries. I recommend to anyone who wants to get a good GRE score and has no intentions of joining any coaching classes, or having some mentors by side. These standard materials like Manhattan, Magoosh, Princeton, Barron’s etc. are indeed enough to prepare thoroughly well for anybody in this new GRE Exam. Try to keep a higher goal and achieve it and end up getting close to it or somewhere near to it is my say. The time-table did cover every aspect that is needed for a person to cover to prepare the inside outs for the exam and also gave enough room for Mock GRE Exams which would not only tell you were do you stand, but rather it would also give you sufficient practice, see where you lose your marks, rectify your mistakes and perhaps get in the frame of giving an actual GRE exam in the real time frame couple of times. Thank you Folks, couldn’t really have asked for more to end my affair with GRE in a better way. ! :)

Thank you!

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9 thoughts on “GRE Exam: A story of success with Higher Education Blog

  1. The Blog was very useful, thank you..
    I got 299 q-151 and v-148
    in my first attemt and i am retaking the exam next month..

      1. fall 2014/cse/8.75 gpa/310(161+149)/awa-3
        ->research project in DRDO on missile diagnosis,Artifical inteligence
        ->intern in statrt up that provides online education
        ->tutored students in engg.math,english,C,C++,DS

        1)indiana bloominton
        2)virginia tech
        3)george mason uni
        4)auburn uni
        5)west virginia uni,morgan town
        6)georgia state uni
        7)UMass ,armherst

  2. hey my exam is tomorrow and iam really tensed about it …..i wrote power prep mock tests but my score was 292 (math-151,Verbal- 141) there are minor mistakes in math and iam always failing can u give few tips to reach 300.

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