GRE AWA: How to prepare for GRE AWA Section ?


Got a query from one of our reader about GRE AWA Section

hey hiee!! I am XXX, one of the subscribers of higheredublog. Its an awesome blog and your posts have helped me a lot. I have my GRE on september 17. I am following your post GRE Study Plan : How to score 320+ on GRE in less than 3 months. But you didn’t post how to prepare forGRE AWA. Please can you help me with GRE AWA because i am very much worried about it. Hope to see your next post about GRE AWA. Thank you.

Best Regards

Thanks for reminding me about the GRE AWA section. Sorry for being late. So here it goes :)

How to approach GRE AWA Section ?

First of all, go through the ETS Official Guide and study what is GRE AWA : Issue and Argument and go through all the scored response that is from 6 to 0 !

6 pointer is a tough one, so you must try to imitate the style of 5 pointer  from ETS Official Guide!

Next, If you’re following the GRE Study Plan : How to score 320+ on GRE in less than 3 months, you need to insert certain time for GRE AWA practice in the time table, say max 1-1.5 hours daily or more if you need more practice.!

Now, Select one/two Issue Topic(s) per day from the ETS Official Pool of Issue Topics and one/two Argument Topic(s) from the ETS Official Pool of Argument Topics and start writing on it! Make sure you take no more than 30 mins for each Issue and Argument as on the GRE Exam you’ll get only 30 mins for each to complete!

Here’s how you can approach the 30 mins:

Read and Understant the Issue/Argument: 1-2 mins

Analyze and Outline certain Points/Examples: 3-5 mins

Write your answer: 15-17 mins

Check Typos and Edit/Correct Grammar: 5-6 mins (Use Grammarly for Grammar and Proof reading)

Next, when  you’re done with writing both Issues and Arguments, compare yourself with the sample Issue and Argument Topics (You can download them below) and see where you stand. Check your answer with the sample and rate yourself on a scale of 6 and try to improve your writing by checking the Sample solutions given.!

Here I’m uploading several pdf files for reference which has solutions to several Issues and Arguments.

1. SOME IMPORTANT ESSAY (GRE AWA) (Covers 124 Issues and 125 Arguments)

2. 1 to 100 Issues (ETS Official Pool Of Issue Topics)

3. 101 to 200 Issues (ETS Official Pool Of Issue Topics)

4. 201 to 243 Issues (ETS Official Pool Of Issue Topics)

5. GRE-Argument-Essays (Covers 50 Argument Topics) Source: American Education Aids

Though I don’t know the Source of all the above files, they are reliable as the quality is good. Enjoy :)

Also you can refer Manhattan’s 8th Guide, ACRO GRE: Answers to Real Essay Questions and Kaplan Verbal Workbook. They seem to have some real good Strategies on GRE AWA too.!

Photo Credit: Magoosh Ultimate GRE Guide (Magoosh too has some good AWA Tips!)

In my next post, I’ll post sample GRE AWA Issue and Argument Template. Keep pinging :)

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12 thoughts on “GRE AWA: How to prepare for GRE AWA Section ?

  1. Hi, Great post..
    I have manhattan’s 5lbs. practice, Kaplon for Verbal ( , Nova for Quant ( , and Kaplon Premier(for Practice Tests), barron’s 500 words.
    Are these good enough. If I follow the same schedule ? As I’m planning to give gre in first week of October and I’m yet to start any preparation.


      1. hi,
        are these sample essays written on the old GRE pool of issue topics? is there any solution to the new GRE essay issue and argument pool?

  2. Hi,
    Obviously in the last few days before the test one should and can practise writing whole essays for 1 hour. But when you say start writing should we write full length essays or s brief outline with points and examples enough.

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