GRE AWA – Argument An Introduction to GRE Analytical writing

Many students face difficulty in preparing for the AWA Section on the GRE. While coaching classes, study materials and the Mock tests take care of the Quants and Verbal Sections, students often neglect the Writing section and may end up losing the competitive admissions battle to their peers due to a poorer Analytical score. If you want to get more insight on how hot the things have become in recent time, take a look at one of my previous posts Learn from fall 2014 mistakes.

Moving on to this post’s agenda, here is a small introduction on the GRE writing- Analytical writing sub-section. Before you Proceed, I highly Encourage you to try the Free trial of Grammarly as it will help you immensely in your AWA preparation. I also recommend you to go through the Level 5 and Level 6 arguements in the ETS test prep book for Analytical writing. More detail’s about the study material for AWA can be found from Chirag’s earlier post, and you can also see the post on GRE AWA – Issue writing.

So to start with, the candiates are presented with an Argument in the AWA-Argument section and it is expected that the test taker write a critical analysis of this argument with sound logic and clear language. This reflects their ability to think critically and straight. Most of the AWA – arguments want you to analyse the completeness of the proof for the conclusion presented. Many also lay stress on the inter-relation between the facts and jump of conclusion. Some test the ability to indicate a logical fallacy and the others simply test whether you are a factual person or you too fall easily with common assumptions.

Each of the points that I mentioned above are actually the building points for constructing your response to the GRE AWA – Argument. You should practise these for all the defined topics for GRE argument. Each one should be treated as a separate entity, marked as the heading in your write-up and explained in detail if appropriate for the case given to you. This is the best approach to get a good AWA score.

One thing to remember is that the conclusion given to you in AWA – Argument is never appropriate and your job is to explain it why. So don’t just simply write the repetition of what is obvious. This will make you look dumb and stupid.

Things to keep in Mind :

1)Identify the Instructions given for your argument (yes they may vary!)

2) Classify those argument instructions to one of the aforementioned category of flaws.

3) Dig deeper into that particular flaw and try to come up with a list of places in the presented text where it is most visible.

4) Explain how this is faulty and causing the argument to be flawed as a whole.

5) Provide alternative conclusions if applicable.


At all points in your AWA section, what you write matters a lot, but in some cases, candidates lose out on a great score not because of poor content but because of poor style of representation or Grammar. Because of this I highly recommend you to use the Premium version of Grammarly ( Currently with a great discount! :) ).


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