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    Name: Mihir Acharya
    College: Chameli Devi School of Engineering
    University: Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal
    Branch: Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    Field of Interest: Robotics
    Degree Goal (MS/PhD): MS or MS+PhD
    GPA/Percentage (Do not Convert to US Scale): 7.35/10
    Topper’s Percentage (or GPA): 8.6 (approx)
    Your rank in your class: 20/60 (on overall cgpa)
    GRE: 309 [ 150(verbal) + 159(quant)] 3.0 in AWA
    Toefl: yet to take (on 8th nov)
    1) 2 months internship in IIT Indore during Summer 2013, Robotics and control Lab under Dr. M. Santhakumar
    Project: Study and simulation of parallel Manipulators with GUI in MATLAB
    2) 1 month internship at same place during summer 2014
    Project: Modelling of SCARA robot and applications of VEX robokits
    3) Training courses in MATLAB, Embedded systems at private institutes.

    Submitted or Accepted Publications: none
    Journal: none Conference: none

    1) Major project: Comparison of PID & FLC for inverted pendulum control
    2) Minor project: 3DOF serial manipulator(robot arm) with master-slave control
    3) 8 channel wireless dc motor control
    4) mini hovercraft (participated in Techfest IIT Bombay)
    5) RC boat with robo-arm ( won in Techfest IIT Bombay)
    6) Line follower ( 3rd in Fluxus, IIT Indore)
    7) wireless robo-soccer (3rd position in Fluxus IIT Indore)
    8) Ball shooting mechanism equipped rover (participated in Cognizance, IIT Roorkee)
    9) Stair climbing robot ( won in Citronics, Chameli Devi Institute)
    10) Autonomous Robot Drummer ( won in Citronics)
    11) some more mini projects and winning certificates in technical events
    Youtube link for some of the above projects:

    1) College Principal – strong
    2) HOD (he was my project guide as well) – strong
    3) Internship guide at IIT Indore – moderate/weak

    Extracurricular activities:
    Member of a registered Performing arts Society, professional dancer, trained singer and musician, Technical workshops coordinator in college.

    Shortlisted Universities:
    1) CMU robotics institute ( super ambitious i guess)
    2) UPenn (same as above)
    3) ASU (ambi)
    4) Univ of Cincinnati
    5) Virginia Tech
    5) SDSU
    6) UTD

    1) Please suggest some more univ which has good robotics course and research.
    2) Also, i need to know that whether I should retake GRE or not. Because I cannot get into top ranked univ with this score and low cgpa. Will high GRE score balance the low cgpa or I am anyway not going to get the higher univ even if I repeat GRE?

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