Fall 2014 Deadlines for US Universities – Part 1

Fall 2014 deadlines

So most of you would have started with the Application Process and would be wondering when will you apply for Fall 2014. So here’s the first list of Fall 2014 deadlines of US Universities along with the Approx. fees per year, Application fee, and other specific requirements.

Fall 2014 Deadlines for MS in US

University Approx. Fees per year Application Fee Fall 2014 Deadlines Others
Georgia Inst. Of Technology $26,860 $50 Rolling/February 1 V : 153+ Q:155+ AWA: 3.0+ TOEFL:100+
Uni. Of Southern California $28,242 $85 December 1 / January 15  -
Uni. Of Maryland College Park $23,760 $75 December 15/ V:158 Q:163 AWA:5.0
North Carolina State University $18,931 $64 December 15 / March 1  TOEFL: 100+
SUNY Stony Brook University $16,680 $100 January 15/ Acad Centric
Rutgers University $24,600 $65 Rolling/February 1 TOEFL Speaking:23+
New York University $24,000  N/A March 1/ Q:165+ AWA:4.0+ TOEFL:100+
University Of Florida $29,990 $30 February 1/ V:155 Q:159 AWA:3.5+ TOEFL:95+
Iowa State University $20,000 $90 Rolling/January 1  Acad centric
Arizona State University $24,549 $90 Rolling/December 1 V:146+ Q:159+ AWA:4.0 TOEFL:90+
Indiana University Bloomington $20,000  N/A January 1 TOEFL:100+
University of Texas Dallas $21,960 $100 May 1 Acad Centric
University of Illinois Chicago $24,960 $60 February 15 V:153+ Q:155+ AWA:4.5+
Northeastern University $20,000 $100 Rolling/March 15  GRE : 304+
Rochester Institute of Technology $36,000 $60 Rolling  -
Syracuse University $20,000 $75 Rolling/June 1  -


I would be updating the Fall 2014 deadlines for other universities as well. If you have information on any other universities please comment below so that I can include in my Part 2 of Fall 2014 Deadlines of US Universities

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83 thoughts on “Fall 2014 Deadlines for US Universities – Part 1

      1. Please evaluate my profile for MS in CS (Fall2014).

        GRE 322(V153, Q169), AWA 3
        TOEFL 103(R29, L27, S24, W23)

        BTech(CSE) – UKTU- 78.3
        12th – CBSE – 84
        10th – CBSE – 85

        Work Ex:
        As of now, 3.3 yrs of experience (Samsung R&D, Bangalore).
        1 internship (2 months)
        Total projects done are 8 + 1(B.tech project).
        Have done some research work. Few internal awards and team achievements like first in world to launch voice over Lte & Lte Multimode Device.

        Topper in few semesters and have won few college level awards.
        99.3 percentile in GATE-2010
        College Merit scholarship holder.

        Community Service:
        3 yrs of NGO work.

        Captain of 2 college sports teams and member of 2 other teams.
        Organiser in University sports and tech Fests.

        Decent LORs and SOP.

        University List:
        1. University of Waterloo
        2. The University of British Columbia
        3. McGill University

        Very Ambitious:
        4. Georgia Institute of Technology
        5. Purdue University – West Lafayette
        6. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

        7. University of Massachusetts, Amherst
        8. Texas A&M University
        9. UC Irvine

        10. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
        11. Ohio State University
        12. North Carolina State University
        13. stony brook university
        14. University of florida gainsville ..

        15. University of Southern California
        16. Arizona State University (ASU), Tempe
        17. University of Utah

        Please help me cut down this list. Consider cost as most important factor.
        I need approximately 2 best universities in each category, up to a maximum of 10 in total.

        1. hi , u got really an impressive marks summary .

          just want to ask u are u sure about the ambitious and partially ambitious list u have created is correct according to the marks u have given>???

    1. As per USNews.com it is rolling and as per the official website the deadline is as mentioned. But the sooner you apply greater are the chances of being admitted :)

  1. hey!!
    i wrote my toefl and scored 96.with this score for what universities can i apply?i want to pursue my masters in computer science field and could u pls help me out with few specializations for cse??
    thanxx in advance

        1. Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Computer Vision/Graphics, Algorithms, Cloud Computing, Software Engg, Programming Languages, Computer Networks, etc

  2. Hey, when is the deadline for SUNY Buffalo, University of Maryland Baltimore County and University of cincinnati?

  3. hi i have my ielts on dec 7th and deadline for arizona state university is dec 1st.
    so can i go ahead and apply for it.Please answer my query.I scored 304 in GRE

  4. Can u give me the deadlines,gre requirements and tuition for
    UHMC,UNM,UC-MEngg,University of Texas Arlington,Oklohoma state univ -stillwater

  5. i got 313 in gre (v-147 and q-166) and hoping to get 100+ in toefl.
    so plz suggest me some gud university for MIS

  6. I got GRE score of 293(Q:157,V:136) awa:3.0,TOEFL score of 75(R:18,L:16,S:18,W:23).I want to pursue MS in Electrical Engineering(VLSI), which universities should i apply to?

  7. I want the chemical engineering universities which are the best iam having B.tech 79.14
    XII-88,X-81.1 regarding my profile gve me the universities My expected gre scre is 290 n ielts is 6-6.5

  8. Bro what do u exactly mean by ‘IOWA State University’ requirement : academic centric?

    My GRE is on 31st OCT, expecting 300 (worst case )-315.. what are my chances for Aerospace Engg Masters? I already have one masters in EC and 1yr internship exp.

  9. Hi Sir,
    You really did amazing work here. I just want to clarify that criteria you mentioned, is it exact? As in, if I have 2-3 marks less in GRE/TOEFL I shouldn’t apply?

    1. They are just requirements. Your whole profile will be taken into consideration for the admit. But there are several Universities like GeorgiaTech in which if your TOEFL score is less than 100 you are straight away rejected.
      But you can go ahead :)

  10. Hey! universities have generally 3 deadlines right? so list above is 1st or last? I am asking bcoz for scholarships n freeships vl hav to apply for 1st deadline na

  11. Hello everyone,
    Please help me,
    i have scored 280 in GRE , Are there are any chances to get admit in any university , If yes please mention the universities..Please everyone , thanks in advance

  12. Hey, I wanted to ask that if the comments mentioned by you with deadlines are followed hard and fast by universities or overall profile can balance for GRE score?
    I have 301|76.4, toefl yet to take, national level participation in sports and cultural events, and a 6 month internship till the time I apply for MSCS.

    Is northeastern university still an ambitious one for me? Please help!

  13. hi i scrd 284 in gre my ug is 69% vth 6 bcklgs…ielts xpctng 6-6.5……applyng fr fall 2014……what are the chances for me getting admit in kent state univ r suggest me othr clgs fr my profile.
    thank you!!!

  14. Northeastern University Rolling/March 15
    what does it mean ? and the website for NEU states 15th Jan as the deadline ?

  15. Hello! i need details about dayton university (Ohio) and california state university. please leave a lines for this particular as soon as possible..Thank you.

  16. Hi,,

    I scored 287 in GRE..TOEFL yet to take..I have 3 years work experience as a Software engineer.10th 82.2%,,12th 68.4% (both CBSE) and B.tech(IT) 74.8%.I want to pursue MS in MIS.i want to apply for fall 2014..Kindly suggest some universities along with deadlines..Thanks in Advance..:)

  17. Does anybody knows good colleges for nano electronics ? I am confused Please while suggesting universities be nano electronics program specific.

  18. can u update scholarship deadlines and GRE requirements for these universities,
    George mason
    Ohio state university
    Univ of Utah

  19. Hello Chirag Sir,
    My TOEFL exam is on 1st dec.
    And Arizona state University is also 1st dec.
    My GRE Score is 316 (Quant 166,Verbal 150,AWA 3).
    Bachelors CGPA : 7.96
    12th: 83.80%
    10th : 83.69
    Is it safer to apply to Arizona with low AWA and late TOEFL score?
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you.

  20. I have a gre score 306 (verb 148 , quan 158), interested in Graphics, OS, Computer Architecture.
    what Univs I should apply..?

    1. The requirments are not a determining factor for admission. It is however observed that all the colleges have minimum 6.5 written in their websites and we see the most of the admits have an overall score of 7 bands or above.

  21. Hi….could you please share your views about St. Cloud state university ?? Is is good from F1 VISA point of view ??
    My Bachelors % is 55, and looking for MS in regulatory affairs. IELTS: 7 and Toefl: 89

  22. Hello,

    Kindly share your views for St. Cloud state university. Is is a good university to apply from f1 visa point of view ??

    I have 4 years of work experience. IELTS: 7 and TOEFL: 89, academics are bit on lower side, have 55% in Bsc.

  23. Hi,
    What would Dec 15/Mar 1 mean for NCSU??? I i wish to pursue MS in CS and m yet to take Toefl..

  24. Hey I wish to apply for fall 2014..n m planning to give gre in January, are there any chances of getting good universities. .? Plz help me out

  25. Hey I wish to apply for fall 2014..n m planning to give gre on feb 7, are there any chances of getting good universities. .? Plz help me out

  26. hi

    i am poojita rao from hyd
    done with my gre and got 298.. toefl 95 ug 71.44 % 10th 70% 12 88% 2 projects… but haplessly my scores are wrongly printed in ets website… so thnkg to retake again.. can u tell me what all universities can i get for my profile ????

    thank you

  27. Plzz help me out
    GRE score : 314 ,Q-161,V-153,AWA – 3.0
    TOFEl score: 100 , L-27,R -27,S-22,W-24
    CGPA : 8.5392,ECE
    Suggest me colleges with admissions till open for the fall ,2014.
    Worried about deadlines .Help me out .

  28. Hi,

    I am planning to do MS in Computer Science. I have not started the preparation for GRE and TOEFL. If i start the preparation now, can i get the admission in Fall – 2014. Pls reply me.
    Thanks in advance.

  29. hi sir,
    I got my GRE Score as 295; i am applying for MS-CIVIL Engg.
    i have started my application process to univ. & recently i got my TOEFL score as 71;
    should i continue with the same score or reschedule my TOEFL
    will i be able to get entry to US Univ.
    please help me with your suggestion.

  30. What does priority deadline mean ?
    North Carolina State University’s deadline is 1 March which is priority deadline

  31. Can anyone please tell me what is the exact deadline for the North Carolina State University… Is it 15 December or 1 March..???
    I’m planning to apply for the MS in CS.. Networking

    Please reply asap… Thanks in advance :)

  32. hi ,

    I am planning for FALL2014 (MS in MIS) .
    I got 295 (GRE) and 81 (toefl) , and hoping for 6.5+ in ielts
    could you please suggest some good universities in US.

    1. hi ,

      I am planning for FALL2014 (MS in MIS) .
      I got 295 (GRE) and 81 (toefl) , and hoping for 6.5+ in ielts

      10 th – 80.2 %
      12 th – 66%
      graduation(CSE) – 71.44%
      2 YEARS of experience in IT (Syntel , mumbai) in Business analyst project(1.5yrs+).

      could you please suggest some good universities in US.

  33. hi,

    I want to go for fall 2014.

    My profile:
    10th : 83%
    12th : 86%
    btech cse grad: 81%

    GRE: 293
    toefl yet to give

    2yrs of work exp in IT industry

    what is the chance of me getting into below universities??

    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    Ohio State University
    North Carolina State University
    stony brook university
    University of florida gainsville
    university of chicago
    new york university
    university of florida

    and also heard that few ms programs don’t require gre and toelf score.. is it true? if so suggest me few universities please….
    or should i retake gre??

  34. MS in CS or Data warehousing
    B.Tech IT – 82.5%
    Work experiences- 2.5 yrs.
    Yet to give my TOEFL
    Can anyone tell me,if there any possibility for admission in FALL 2014

  35. hey hi plz suggest me soon plz is my decision is good for choosing usa for masters in structures as my backgrnd is bachelors in civil engineering. plz leave me a comnt thak q.

  36. Hi I am writing my GRE on March 9th and plan to write IELTS a week before, have 4 years Work Experience and 78% in BTECH can I apply for universities with fall 2014 deadlines of March 1st and March 15.

  37. Hi everyone,
    GRE-297(Q:156,V:141) AWA-3
    IELTS – 6.5(expected)
    B.Tech in ECE : 80.3%
    12th : 90.1%
    10th : 86.8%
    2 Mini projects,1 Major project
    1 International Journal published
    6 months of work experience in google project
    Please suggest some good Universities in CS for Fall
    Thanks in advance…:))

  38. Hi sir/madam,
    my gre score is 280(q-140,v-140,awa-2),
    ielts score is 6)l-6.5,r-5.5,w-6,s-6),
    b.tech aggregate is 74%.
    plz evaluate my profile and suggest me some universities which suits my profile.
    I am plznning to do m.s in EE field as i am from ECE field.

  39. hi sir/madam
    my gre 284 q:145,v:139
    btech 66.5%
    plz evaluate my profile and suggest me some universities which suits my profile.
    I am plznning to do m.s in computer science

  40. Hi everyone

    I got 295(Q: 154 V:141 AWA: 2.5) in gre and 90 in toefl
    10th- 84%
    12th- 88%
    B Tech- 68.7%

    I am planning for MS in Electrical Engineering in US

    Can you please suggest me the universities still have deadlines??

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