F1 Visa – OFC procedure

OFC Appointment

Many of the Current applicants for the F1 Visa do not have clear idea about the OFC appointement and procedure for the F1 visa. Here is a quick post to introduce you to the much hyped “OFC” appointment.


F1 Visa – Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC) Introduction

With the introduction of the new visa policy this year, the United states department of Immigration has also made some changes in the F1 visa interview procedures. Unlike before, now you need to schedule two separate appointments for your F1 visa process. The first of your appointments would be for recording of your Biometric information.

The F1 visa OFC are the centres where the biometric information of all the F1 visa applicants is scanned and stored. This offsite centres for the appointment as the name suggests will be located separately from the Visa consular offices or US embassies.


F1 visa – OFC process


The entire process of recording the biometric information of the applicant is a very small one and will not take more than 30 minutes at max. It is important to note though, that one must not reach more than 30-40 minutes earlier than the scheduled appointment and clog up the place. The procedure is extremely simple and small so you need not worry about it.


After the initial security check, you will be proceeded to your respective counter based on token system where all your biometric information will be recorded and your form will be processed. Just enter confidently, give your finger prints, smile and come out!

It’s done!


The OFC process is a good move on the US department of Visa as it facilitates for smoother operations and keeping the two things on separate days is a welcome move especially at crowded places like India.

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