F1 Visa Interview Tips for Mumbai Consulate

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Shared by Giselle Andrade

I’ll share some F1 Visa Interview Tips for Mumbai Consulate. So here goes my experience of F1 Visa Interview!

F1 Visa Interview Tips

Woke up hurriedly an hour before I had to leave from home for D-day, yes the F1 visa interview at US embassy in Mumbai. Was so anxious all night that I must have made up over a hundred probable questions and answers . Got Dressed in my best formats and reached the venue 2 hours before my interview slot. Tons of relatives, friends and others occupied the entire footpath opposite the consulate.Some of them seemed like they were here since the previous night, with bed sheets, food and books. There was an unattended bag for about 15 minutes, promptly the dog squad was called. Was a hoax since the owner came back in another 15 minutes and said that he had just gone to buy some tea from the stall. Many of them spoke in Gujarati and this was just the beginning of things to come.

——–F1 Visa Interview Tips————

Once I entered the embassy, the Z level security checking made me feel like a VIP . So many cameras and eyes on all of us like our every move being closely monitored. The queue for fingerprint verification seemed endless and I spotted a few people with their entire family history files, some with unto 6 big box folders. And here I was with about 30 sheets of papers in a slim jute folder. From god-man to VIP’s children and students and families, the interview zone was an eclectic mix of people from all walks of life. This seemed like a great leveler, no preference to anybody. Everyone seemed equal in the US embassy. Perhaps the only office in India where there are no peons, no bribes and no shortcuts to the queue. Probably a sign of things to come, once I’m in the US.

———–F1 Visa Interview Tips————–

Finally my turn arrived, I played it cool and answered 3 basic questions within a span of a minute and got my visa approved. The Visa officer asked me

  1. Which college I graduated from?
  2. What is my current designation?
  3. What does my sponsor do?

The long wait was finally over and I could not conceal that Brit smile till I reached home an hour later. I asked the auto rickshaw-wala to stop by for sugarcane juice near my apartment, and ordered a tall glass for him as well. That was probably my way of expressing gratitude to the visa officer, which I could not do back in the embassy. Got my visa stamped and passport returned the very next day. Again, I’m guessing these are signs of things to come. I hope all of you are inspired reading this piece of F1 Visa Interview tips. I want you to know that confidence and belief in your own ability will get you there. So be optimistic and give it your best shot. Good luck!

———–F1 Visa Interview Tips————–


Thanks Giselle Andrade for sharing wonderful F1 Visa Interview Tips. Congratulations..!

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