F1 Visa Documents checklist

F1 Visa Documents 

Here’s the list of documents and other necessary things you need to carry while applying for F1 Visa Interview. After you book your Visa slot at any consulate, and pay your SEVIS Fees and VISA Fees and when you go for F1 Visa Interview you need to carry the following things :

  • GRE / GMAT Original Score Sheet
  • TOEFL / IELTS Original Score Sheet
  • I-20 Original Form which you received from the University you’re applying
  • Passport
  • Work Experience Certificate of the company (If any)
  • Letter of employer (If any)
  • F1 Visa Interview Appointment letter
  • Proof of SEVIS Fees Payment
  • Proof of F1 Visa Fees Payment
  • DS-160 Online Application Form
  • Financial Aid / Scholarship Letter (If any)
  • Resume
  • Photographs
  • Certifications such as CCNA, OCJP etc (If any)
  • 10th Class Original Marksheet + Certificate
  • 12th Class Original Marksheet + Certificate
  • School Leaving Certificate (L.C.)
  • Medical Immunization Letter
  • Accepts / Rejects Letters from Universities
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Print out of Email communication with Professors (If any)
  • Affidavit of Support of sponsoror
  • Proof of relation with the sponsoror
  • Loan Sanction Letter
  • Statement of your Assets / Properties
  • Fixed / Non movable Assets Valuation Report
  • Liqiud Assets like LIC Policy, Gold / Jwellery Valuation Report, Fixed Deposits etc
  • Bank Statement
  • Passbook / Bank Transactions of saving accounts of sponsoror
  • Provisional Degree / Diploma Certificates
  • Official Transcripts / Marksheet of 4 years of B.Tech
  • Course completion / Convocation Certificate
  • Income Tax Return of Father/Mother
  • Loan Approval Letter (If no Loan Sanction Letter)
  • Salary slips of Parents
  • PPF Passbook
  • Driving Licence Card
  • Election Card
  • College Student ID Card
  • Ration Card
  • Birth Certificate

So these are the Documents you need to carry along with you when you go for F1 Visa Interview. Is any documents missing? Comment below and I’ll update the list.

Note that these documents do not guarantee you F1 Visa. Along with these documents, Confidence is must.

All the best for your F1 Visa Interview :)

In my next post, I’ll share 50 likely to be asked F1 Visa Questions. Hang on..!!

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