Documents required while applying for Passport

Whenever you give any International Standardized test such as GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, LSAT or any other, you will need Passport as your Identity proof. Nowadays passport is necessary. If you need to give anything for your address proof, Passport will do. Even Passport is a must as it recognizes you as a citizen of a Country and plus it always works as an Identity proof. So here’s the list of documents needed while applying for Passport.

Required Documents for Passport

 1. Proof of address

Attach any of the Following:

  • Applicant’s Ration card
  • Water / Telephone / Electricity bill (Current as well as 12 months old)
  • Driving License
  • Election Card

2. Proof of Date of Birth

 Attach any of the Following:

  • Birth certificate issued by a Municipal Authority
  • Date of birth certificate from the school last attended by the applicant i.e Leaving Certificate
  • Driving License

3. Miscellaneous Documents

  • Permanent Account Number(PAN) Card
  • 12th  Standard’s Passing Certificate
  • College Bonafide Certificate
  • Engineering Result
  • 6-8 Passport size Photographs with White background (Size : 3.5*4.5 cm)


Remember along with this, you shouldn’t have any criminal records such as Accidents, gone in Jail, Fought with anybody in public etc. It means there should not be any records of yours in the Police Directory in past otherwise you won’t  be able to get it. Also you need to specify two peoples name from which any one of them will come along with you to sign. the document to verify that you are a genuine person or not. To sum up, Passport is the first and the foremost thing you’ll need for your MS in US and you cannot register for Competitive exams unless you have this Identity proof.

I’ve considered the Documents required while applying Fresh Passports. If you’re applying for Re-Issue, the procedure will be different.

89 thoughts on “Documents required while applying for Passport

  1. sorry i have one more query …..Recently I have completed my Engg from aurangabad .and i m not from that place . So will i need to give my address proof of aurangabad also ????

    1. No need to be sorry. We are here to help. :)

      Answer to your Question : No. Don’t submit the address proof of Aurangabad..!

      Well I would suggest you to just submit your 10th and 12th standards Mark-sheets for the passport application and no engg. result. It’s because if you submit Mark-sheets of engg. , a police inquiry will go to Aurangabad too along with your native place and thus it will be a long procedure. So to avoid that, don’t submit engg. results. Even I did the same :)

      To sum up no engg. stuff. Submit your school stuff and Address proof of your Native place.

      Hope this helps :)

  2. Thank You so much for your help :)
    all original documents are complusory or Xerox will do…bcoz leaving certificates nd all are submitted in clg so…? And 1 more thing is Pan card complusory ?

  3. my name on the passport is saurabh prakash chaudhari but while registering for gre they do not allow any middle name,they allow just the initial of middle name..and its given that gre registration name should perfectly match with our ID proof(passport) what should i do..???

    1. No. They will check the First Name and the Last Name only.
      No worries :)
      All the best for your GRE
      Do share your experience with us when you’re done with GRE :)

  4. Hi, I don’t have my original tenth and twelfth marks sheets but having the photocopies.

    Shall i apply for passport or will it be a problem ?

  5. i have completed my bca and mba. but i completed my mba at supplementory exams and i got the mark sheets, convocation certificate but i could not able to apply for the passing certificate. the year of completion is not mentioned clearly on convocation certificate. whether it is compulsory to provide passing certificate for applying passport

  6. sir,to day i have passport verification.Adress on my bonafide certificate and adress proofs i submited is not same.Is there any problem

  7. I live in is it necessary to have hostel proof..or can i put my temporary address as my hometown address…

  8. I lost my 12th standard xerox copy and my clg is not giving the original copy but i am having 10th copy and all the required there will be a problem

  9. I have completed B Sc MCA. I have my provisional certificates and not having the convocation right now. Whether that will do or convocation certificate is mandate.

  10. sir, i have all originol copies except leaving certificate, so is it necessory ? and as my birth year is 1988 i dont need birth cert but leaving cert is compulsory i read it ! i have attested xerox copy of leaving certificate will work it ?

  11. i have xerox copy of my 10th and 12th marksheets, don’t have original …but i have my college degree certificate in original, so as non ecr proof what shall i submit? will it create a problem?

  12. I am living in indore from last 2 year but now i am going to leave this place in this month so for appling for passport which address i will use indore address or my hometown address?

  13. sir i completed my btech a few days ago,but i did not get my course completion certificate so now should i mention myself as student or unemployed

  14. Sir..I have just completed my schooling I.e.I am waiting for my +2 results and I am a minor….so do I have to submit a bona fide certificate too???please reply fast…n thanx in advance

  15. I m doing engineering and i m going to college for only examination so for passport i have to submit bonafide certificate or not…present & permanent address is of hometown

  16. Sir… I am having my DOB Certificate but don’t have my original leaving certificate, I have not received it from my college, as my Birth year is 1984, whether DOB certificate will be ok.
    Or I require to take Leaving Certificate from my college now.

  17. For non-ECR category proof>…is 12th passing certificate a valid document? Suggest some more documents that will be valid for non-ecr category (considering, i am looking for certificates regarding matriculation completed).

  18. my native is bangalore. i m in final year b.e.
    i hav d followin documents
    *birth certificate
    *10th marks card
    *bonafied certfct
    *college id.
    will these things work or il hav to need sumtng else… plz do reply.

  19. I leave in pune but I dont have rent aggrement .so should I put my permanent and local address same in the passport form.

    1. Yes, But you would face enquiry in your permanent address as you are officially still a resident at that place

  20. Sir my mother in law dosent have her 10th nd 12th certificate as she lost her documents. But she has grad nd masters certificate and bith certificate. Can she apply for passport

  21. Sir,
    My daughter has applied for GRE online exam on 21st sept.She has a valid passport which is a must requirement.But now we came to know that she requires a major passport.Her bthdate is 15/9/1994.We had renewed her passport in 2012 which is for 10 yrs that is till 2022.So we are confused that we need to renew her passport again for exam or no? And will we get it before exam date.We stay in dhule MS

  22. hi,
    I’m from Andhra Pradesh . I m studying in Delhi so, i’m staying as a paying guest in Delhi. i took a bonafide certificate from my college. is it necessary to take Bonafide certificate from my paying guest as well . because my slot for document verification is tomorrow and i don’t have much time. can someone please help me in this?

  23. Sir my name is kailash kumar athwani but by mistake in place of athwani there is adwani on my high school mark sheet, is it valid for birth certificate.

  24. hi sir, i already applied for the passport..2mrw i’m going for the passport investigation..i have all the original certificate. But i couldn’t able to get my college bonafide certificate.. i have my id card.. Can i use this id card n originals as a proof..

  25. Sir,
    I have completed my BTech in 2015 . All the certificates are in the college . I just have course completion certificate .I have xerox copies of 10th and 12th . Are those certificates are sufficient or do I need more ..,

      1. i hv a different spelling in my 10th marksheet of cbse
        i’m a student of 12th now
        and i hv a different spelling of my surname in my cbse registration which is not going to be change now.
        then what spelling of my name i should fill in aipmt application form??

        1. Use the spelling that you want on your passport. You will have to make sure that all supporting documents have same spelling and need to get an affidavit for spelling mismatch

  26. i’m 53 yrs. old and have misplaced/lost all my school / college certificates. do ineed to furnish birth proof for passport renewal with address change ? … how do i get the proof ?

  27. sir I am final year engg student bt original documents are in clg bt i have only orignals are
    birth certificate ,
    address proof ration card nd electricity bil,
    college id,
    bonafide certificate of 5 months before
    pan card
    diploma degree third year marksheet
    10th certificate (not marksheet )
    is it sufficient at psk for verification

  28. Sir, i lost my birth certificate and i dont have my schools leaving certificate but i have my 12 leaving certificate from college ,so can i apply for pasport with

  29. i lose my 10th marksheet if needed to applying passport, but i have birth certificate & degree certificate, so enough for this. plz reply

  30. what all documents do i need to submit if i am a student living on rent with my parents and applying for a fresh passport

  31. I have lost my SSC (2002) n HSC (2004) marksheet n passing certificate but have the xerox markesheet copy atested by the police , would it work n be fine if i have to apply for a job in india or outside???? Or do i have to make an affidavit n FIR for the originals or apply at d university????

  32. sir,tomorrow im going to psk for documents verification,what documents do i require for non-ecr category. i have my degree marks memo provisional certificate is not there,10th n 12th standard xerox copies are there.are these documents sufficient,please do reply me soon and thank you.

  33. I don’t have birth certificate my dob 23-8-1995 have intermediate 2nd year certificate…and I have pan card….can I apply passport

    1. Hi. Yes you can apply for a passport but you will need an affidavit in place of Birth certificate

    1. Hi Paramjit, I would advise to get a duplicate not just for your study abroad plans but also for any other endeavours that you might wanna take in future. You can get a duplicate certificate from your school authority/Education board.

  34. Hello, I am from Nagpur and currently working in Mumbai and staying with My relatives.

    So what will I do to provide current address proof for Passport. As I don’t have any.

    Even the Bank account which My employer has created will have the Office Address.

    Will a Bonafide certificate from my employer will do?

    Please suggest. Will be of great help.


  35. Sir highschool certificate is enough as birth certificate bcoz I don’t have birth certificate or school leaving certificate

  36. Hello sir ,
    Its me prashant
    I m going to apply for passport but my 10th and 12 th marksheets first name is not correct so will it create any issue..???

  37. Hi sir,
    I want to know if an engg degree is a valid Non-ECR proof?? My university was blacklisted a few years ago. Actually there is a mismatch in my DOB in birth certi and 10th marksheet,however the mismatch is just of 1day and that too because of the midnight as i was born on 21dec at around 2a.m which technically becomes 22dec. My birth certi got 21dec as my DOB whereas my 10th marksheet plus all other documents got 22dec as my DOB. i am a 1991 born

  38. Hi Sir,

    My mom is 50 year old and she doesn’t have birth certificate & school certicate (less then 10th pass) but have aadhar card and pencard. Is that enough? Please suggest me asap as she has appointment on 27th may.


  39. Hi,

    There is a spelling mistake of one letter in my father’s name on degree certificates of graduation & post graduation.

    So do I need to do affidavit for that or is there any other way to apply for passport?

    As I want to show my latest educational qualification on my passport

  40. Sir, I have a query.. My name is Amit Kumar Uppal but in my birth certificate and 10th marksheet its Amit Uppal only. Now suggest me what to do, because I have nothing as date of birth proof for my passport. pls help because I am stuck….

  41. Sir, i did not have bonafide certificate . I have used present address and cureent address hometown. Is it compulsory . Currenrly registerd in NIT karnataka , and i am belonging of UP.

  42. Sir I have completed my engineering from Kanpur but I don’t have degree completion certificate and now I am currently living in my native place(Nagpur) from last 1 month. So my question is that what should I write in my current address column and the time for which I have been living in that address. Because if I write my current address as my parent’s address and not mention anything about my graduation then at the time of police verification questions may arise that what I have been doing for last 4 years after 12th.
    Also I have all my documents i.e. PAN card, ADHAAR card with my native address.
    Please suggest.

    Thanks in advance.

  43. I have completed my btech recently, I have my course completion with me. Do I need bonafide ??? I am living with my parents right now, my joining is on 29th of this month, what additional documents do I require ?? I have 10th 12th certificate, birth certificate, adhaar card, voterID with me.

    1. Nope, Just all the address proofs of where you have lived for past 12 months. In your case a police verification might be required at both places.

    1. Depends on where you are staying currently. Show them the documents of present address where you have lived last 6 months

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