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Graduate school application – Common mistakes to avoid

Its that time of the year when most of the students are done with their GRE and english proficiency tests (Ielts/Toefl). So while you are busy drafting your SOP or running in the campus to get the LORs, I thought, I should come up with a reminder post about the common little things that you should take care of while finalizing your Graduate school application.

Things to take care in your Gradute school application

1.  Double check SOP :

It would be a terrible mistake not to check your SOP before submitting it, somewhere in their you might have mentioned a name of a professor or the Department research for a particular university. Imagine the chaos when the “Replace ALL” button misses a name due to some typo! You don’t want to create a horrible first impression.

2. Don’t bug the Professor : While the old school method of Graduate school application still prevails in some universities of mailing the professor regarding your research interests, many of the top school professors have a custom web page now where they have put a plethora of info that you would need. Some are even so frustrated by the sheer volumes of emails that they have specifically mentioned not to email them personally as they have no part to play regarding your admit. Still some of the moderately lower rank universities among the TOP 100 still encourage the Indian students, so in these universities the old school methods of charming the professor may work (at your own risk :P) . But remember, you have to be precise, brief and professional in your approach. I remember chirag writing this post earlier, so go through it for the tips.

3. Date of birth : A very silly mistake would be to write your birthdate in the Indian format and then having to run to and fro 3-4 months later in US to get it changed. Make sure you get it right during Graduate school application process itself.

4. The Student ID : While you will not have your SSN no like the US applicants, you will be provided with a unique student ID which I insist you put on the headers of all the subsequent hard copies for communication like SOP, unofficial transcripts etc.

5.  No Last name : While it is very late now, One should always get the last name thing (a common mistake ) sorted out before appearing for GRE. still somehow you should make sure that the Last name or Family name field is not empty anywhere in your Graduate school application.

6. Resume format: It is highly recommended that you attach your resume either in ASCII .txt format or the standard .pdf format. Don’t make the horrible mistake of uploading a .doc file in your Graduate school application. It will be distorted most of the time.

7. Email address : Make sure you have a professional looking and simple email address. Don’t use that email address which you created in the fifth grad and thought was very cool.

2 thoughts on “Graduate school application – Common mistakes to avoid

  1. I would like to know more about the LOR.could you please post information regarding that? the step by step procedure involved in it?
    like do we need a letter head? or should the professors directly mail the recommendation to the mail ID provided by the admissions committee? can you elaborate the entire process involved?
    thank you

  2. can you pl tell me the last date to apply for masters in computer programming in Arizona state university

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