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UT Arlington

University Review: University of Texas at Arlington (UTA / UT Arlington)

University of Texas at Arlington


The University of Texas at Arlington is one of the top tier public research universities in the state of Texas. Often overshadowed by the other top universities in the region, UT Arlington has traditionally kept good pace with the likes of Uni of Houston, TAMU, UT Austin and UTD and continues to enjoy large enrollments at both undergraduate and graduate level. The popular departments for graduate students at UT Arlington are EE, CS and Aerospace. UT Arlington’s Aerospace program is really good.

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Rochester Institute Of Technology

University Review: Rochester Institute Of Technology (RIT)

Rochester Institute of Technology


Rochester Institute of Technology is one of the top private research university which was established in 1829. Rochester Institute of Technology famously known as RIT or Tigers is widely known for it’s computing, engineering, fine arts and especially imaging sciences programs. Many programs are consistently ranked in Top 10 in the national US rankings. RIT is famous with most of the students due to it’s co-op program which allows the students to get practical experience even before they get into industry.

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work experience MIS

Is work experience in MIS Mandtory?

One of the most common questions, work experience MIS – Mandatory?

Many MS aspirants have often asked on our Facebook Page about work experience being a mandatory for MIS. The thing is, what most of the students do not understand is that its more of a question of their choice of program, University and at the end their ability to grasp managerial concepts and job responsibilities after graduation. The top Universities for MIS do not keep work experience as a mandatory requirement for Admission to their MIS programs. But in fact, when you look at the admission statistics of these universities, you will see that most of the students in MIS have at least 24 months of work experience with them. Continue reading