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Northeastern University

Northeastern University: Review and answers to FAQs

Northeastern University


Northeastern University is a private nonprofit research university located in Boston, Massachusetts. It was started in 1898. Northeastern University has other campuses in  Charlotte, North Carolina, and Seattle, Washington as well. Many people are offered Seattle campus who cannot make to Boston campus.


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University Transfer

HEB Query – University Transfer – Is transfering from one university to another university a tough task ?

This is a query that many MS aspirants have, so I decided to write a post about the same. Many people aspire to transfer to other universities for a number of reasons that can be better on-campus jobs, issues with funding or just an opportunity for the better university. So we will straightaway go through the conditions for the transfer in this post!

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NYU Poly

University Review and CS First hand Experience – Courses at NYU Poly

The Polytechnic campus of NYU has been doing greatly and with its recent merger with the Main NYU, things are only looking better ahead for this upcoming campus on the east coast.

NYU poly has always been looking to train professionals for tomorrow and recently it has taken many steps to ensure that it meets the reputation of its name the legacy of the great NYU. Sometimes, we have also heard that the CS classes at the poly campus are tougher than their Courant counterparts. Nevertheless, both schools have been doing great and the east coast is soon catching up with the likes of Silicon Valley, Austin-Dallas region and the North Carolina Triangular region.

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ms in mis

Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA

Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA

Before we list the Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA, let us discuss something about MIS. Many people nowadays who have significant amount of work experience prefers MS in MIS and similar programs where they can learn Management courses along with the technical as compared to general CS where it is only technical.  Many think that MIS means no coding which is completely wrong. You will have significant amount of coding during your MS in MIS as well. MIS programs is combination of Technical + Management courses. For example the courses will include: Data Extraction & Analysis, Foundation of Information Systems, Managing IT Systems etc. MIS graduates create IT & Business Systems which are useful in organizing and management of the organization.

There are some popular areas / specializations in Management Information Systems(MIS) and they are:

  • Business Intelligent Systems
  • Data and Text Mining
  • ERP
  • Business Analytics

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