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Packing for study abroad

Things to Pack For Study Abroad – Shopping List

So, the other week, Chirag posted a nice little document for one of the University’s International Students community which documented a nice list of things to pack for study abroad before the students leave India. I thought, why not publish the same here and help other students going to different Universities in the US and other countries too!

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CPT OPT internship

HEB FAQs : CPT vs OPT – What is CPT, OPT and how does it concern you

Continuing with our frequently asked questions series, here is a small post on CPT and OPT and some common questions asked by MS aspirants regarding the jobs.


What is CPT?

While some of the funniest and ignorant questions I have encountered are comparison of CPT vs OPT, “which one is better for me”, “which one should I choose” and “which one pays the most” ,  I have also come across some sincere queries like what is CPT exactly and how does it fit in into the masters program.

  • CPT stands for Curriculum Practical Training, usually an optional training/internship.
  • CPT is one of the legal ways in which you can pursue an internship in the field of your study while residing in US.
  • As it is a curriculum training, it usually has a dedicated period in the Academic calendar and different universities offer it under different names such as Co-op, Summer internship etc. The only catch is, that CPT permit can be issued by the university for a period between 1 semester up to 364 Days (again, rules for this differ among universities)

What is OPT?

OPT on the other hand stands for “Optional practicum training”, and as the name suggest is purely optional for the students. As such, it is not included in the degree program and thus students may or may not pursue this internship after graduating, but who am I kidding, everyone wants to grad an opportunity to work and gain valuable experience in US (and some bucks may be?) after getting world class education.

  • Generally for international students, the OPT limit is 12 months for a general Masters course.
  • If your Course is STEM(Science Technology Engineering Medicine) accredited, you will get an opt extension and a total OPT period of 29 months!
  • The only catch is that you need to find an OPT job within 90 days of your graduation, otherwise you will be deemed out of status and sent back to your home country.
  • If you intend to stay longer than your OPT period, you will need to get your employer to file an H1B non-immigrant visa for you. But more on that later.


Hope this clears yours OPT vs CPT doubts, if you have more questions, shoot them in the comments below! :) and don’t forget to Subscribe !


On campus Jobs

On Campus Jobs

On Campus Jobs

As an International student, you can work maximum 20 hrs./week on/off campus. Most of the students need to work on campus during college through which they can at least make up for their living expenses and other utilities. If you do not get Research Assistant-ship (RA) or Teaching Assistant-ship (TA), one should definitely look for On campus Jobs or part time jobs. But not all on campus jobs are good. Here’s the list of On campus jobs  and part time jobs which offers good pay and you can work around your class schedules.

1. Waiter or Waitress

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $10
  • You can learn some good cooking skills
  • Can get extra cash through tips
  • Less Stressful

2. Library Assistant

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $12
  • Sort Books and other materials. Help students with check in/out of books and operate copiers and other stuffs.
  • Stressful during finals / midterms
  • You get free time to study

3. Lab assistant

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $20
  • Set up the lab and components and equipments required for the lab work
  • Can work with professors
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GRE Preparation & Study Tips

MS in Germany

Education cost for doing MS in Germany is much cheaper compared to some other countries. You may finish your MS in Germany by spending much lower than that in UK, Australia or US.

In Germany, since many years Graduate level education is free of cost. But recently some of the Federal states have introduced a basic tuition fees costing 500 – 850 EUR per semester. Thus, if you want to get through a master degree program of 2 years then you may require approximately 2000 – 3600 EUR. Besides this, you have to pay additional administration fees per semester which would be around 50 – 200 EUR per semester.

Tuition Fees at various Universities of Germany

Some of German Universities along with their tuition fees are listed below. Have a quick glance at the following list.

University Tuition fees per Semester(in Euros)
Thuringia (Thüringen)


Saxony (Sachsen)


North Rhine-Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen)






Bavaria (Bayern)


Saxony-Anhalt (Sachsen-Anhalt)




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