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NYU Poly

University Review and CS First hand Experience – Courses at NYU Poly

The Polytechnic campus of NYU has been doing greatly and with its recent merger with the Main NYU, things are only looking better ahead for this upcoming campus on the east coast.

NYU poly has always been looking to train professionals for tomorrow and recently it has taken many steps to ensure that it meets the reputation of its name the legacy of the great NYU. Sometimes, we have also heard that the CS classes at the poly campus are tougher than their Courant counterparts. Nevertheless, both schools have been doing great and the east coast is soon catching up with the likes of Silicon Valley, Austin-Dallas region and the North Carolina Triangular region.

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MS in CS straight after college or with work experience?

Many students in their final year of study face this great dilemma! Whether to continue their studies and head straight to the states to pursue masters or take that offer from an MNC through their “Campus Placements” and see how things fare for the next two years!

There are many reasons why students starting giving second thoughts to their MS plans even after working so hard and scoring great in GRE and TOEFL/IELTS. May be it’s the pressure from the family or those relatives that tell you to pursue Job in “one of the top companies” or “so highly reputed” company. But let me tell you one thing, that company reputation or “Experience” of an MNC may or may not prove to be fruitful, if your ultimate aim is to pursue MS. That’s right, whether you go for MS now or after 2-3 years should solely on your choice. The below pair of analysis will help you understand better my point as to why I lay emphasis on that experience may or may not prove handy 3 years down the line: Continue reading

work experience MIS

Is work experience in MIS Mandtory?

One of the most common questions, work experience MIS – Mandatory?

Many MS aspirants have often asked on our Facebook Page about work experience being a mandatory for MIS. The thing is, what most of the students do not understand is that its more of a question of their choice of program, University and at the end their ability to grasp managerial concepts and job responsibilities after graduation. The top Universities for MIS do not keep work experience as a mandatory requirement for Admission to their MIS programs. But in fact, when you look at the admission statistics of these universities, you will see that most of the students in MIS have at least 24 months of work experience with them. Continue reading