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Magoosh GRE Review 2015: A detail review on Magoosh GRE

Magoosh GRE Review

This post is about a detailed review on Magoosh GRE with the latest features magoosh provide. We’ll discuss whether it’s worth spending your bucks on Magoosh or not. Many things have changed in Magoosh GRE from time to time. So this is updated review on new Magoosh GRE. So here it goes..

Magoosh is Online GRE Coaching Software. Its a US based education company. I’m already premium user of Magoosh.

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The access for Magoosh lasts  for 6 months. The access used to last 1 year during its initial phase) but I guess 6 months is more than enough to study for GRE. First of all if you want to try, you can try Magoosh for a week for Free. Yes the videos and questions will be limited but you can have a look at it. If you like, you can sign up for full course. There are 200+ videos on each and every topic for Quantitative, Verbal and AWA. There are 1300+ practice questions. For every practice question you answer there will be a Video explanation as well as Text explanation for the same. Continue reading

GRE Study Schedule

GRE Study Timeline: Achieve your Target Score in 3 months

So you’re aiming a good score on GRE to target top universities and you need a GRE Study Timeline to get you that target score . You need to organize yourself very well. I’ve designed this GRE Study Timeline (with Updated Materials) to get you that 320+ score. Follow the schedule, and you should be good :)

GRE Study Timeline

Essential Materials:

GRE Preparation Tips

Fall 2014 Applicant’s Story: What did I learn? Part – 2

So continuing the second part of Fall 2014 Applicant’s Story: What did I learn?

6. Projects

Projects also play an important and a similar role just like the internships. Be it your undergrad projects, or your work projects, more they are synced with your field, better it is. Quality of projects and it’s scope matter a lot too. The technologies used form the yardstick for measuring the quality of your project

7. Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Hmmmm.. Statement of Purpose aka SOP is one of the most important aspects of your application because of one major reason: THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE WHERE YOU CAN INTERACT WITH THE ADMISSION COMMITTEE ONE ON ONE. You can talk about anything and everything you wanted to. Your Low GPA, Low AWA score, your achievements, hurdles you faced during your undergrad, your socio-economic background and all. Continue reading