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GRE Preparation Tips

GRE Preparation Tips to score 325+

Guest blog by Koustuv Sinha on GRE Preparation Tips.

My GRE Preparation Tips:

GRE Date: 6th April, 2015
Score : 326 (158 V, 168 Q), 5.0 AWA

Firstly I want to point out that I am a working professional and relied only on online GRE preparation services. So my post and GRE Preparation Tips would be mainly relevant to working professionals who want to achieve high scores, although others might also find it useful. Continue reading

Fall 2016

What Fall 2016 students need to learn from Fall 15 results?

What Fall 2016 applicants should learn from Fall ’15 ?

Last year, I had written a post about the Fall 2014 Admission trend and mistakes that Fall 2015 students need to avoid. Many have responded to HEB post positively and even followed the tips to secure their dream admits this year, check out the Fall 2015 results. However, admission process is getting competitive each year so we decided that this year, it is better if the Gyan is given by someone from Fall 2015 batch itself so that Aspirants for Fall 2016 can learn from their tips. So here it goes, A guest post by one of the HEB followers (Shirith Mehak) to guide the aspirants of Fall 2016.

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GRE AWA – Argument An Introduction to GRE Analytical writing

Many students face difficulty in preparing for the AWA Section on the GRE. While coaching classes, study materials and the Mock tests take care of the Quants and Verbal Sections, students often neglect the Writing section and may end up losing the competitive admissions battle to their peers due to a poorer Analytical score. If you want to get more insight on how hot the things have become in recent time, take a look at one of my previous posts Learn from fall 2014 mistakes.

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