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Fall 2016

What Fall 2016 students need to learn from Fall 15 results?

What Fall 2016 applicants should learn from Fall ’15 ?

Last year, I had written a post about the Fall 2014 Admission trend and mistakes that Fall 2015 students need to avoid. Many have responded to HEB post positively and even followed the tips to secure their dream admits this year, check out the Fall 2015 results. However, admission process is getting competitive each year so we decided that this year, it is better if the Gyan is given by someone from Fall 2015 batch itself so that Aspirants for Fall 2016 can learn from their tips. So here it goes, A guest post by one of the HEB followers (Shirith Mehak) to guide the aspirants of Fall 2016.

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University Transfer

HEB Query – University Transfer – Is transfering from one university to another university a tough task ?

This is a query that many MS aspirants have, so I decided to write a post about the same. Many people aspire to transfer to other universities for a number of reasons that can be better on-campus jobs, issues with funding or just an opportunity for the better university. So we will straightaway go through the conditions for the transfer in this post!

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work experience MIS

Is work experience in MIS Mandtory?

One of the most common questions, work experience MIS – Mandatory?

Many MS aspirants have often asked on our Facebook Page about work experience being a mandatory for MIS. The thing is, what most of the students do not understand is that its more of a question of their choice of program, University and at the end their ability to grasp managerial concepts and job responsibilities after graduation. The top Universities for MIS do not keep work experience as a mandatory requirement for Admission to their MIS programs. But in fact, when you look at the admission statistics of these universities, you will see that most of the students in MIS have at least 24 months of work experience with them. Continue reading


9 things you should consider while selecting Universities

Guest blog by Adit Popli

So continuing from where I left:


Some factors might be important while some might not be! So, I will list these factors according to their priority (according to me). First factor will be the most important and the last one will be the least.

1. Course Structure: You would want to ensure that the university you intend to apply to, should be having courses that suit your interest. Quality subjects relevant to your specialization should be there.

2. Research Opportunities: If you have interest in research or want to pursue PhD after your master, you would like to ensure that a good ongoing research is taking place at the university you choose. Continue reading