bank statement for I20

Bank Statement for I20

Most of you will be preparing for finances and you will need some financial documents such as Loan Sanction letter, Bank Statement, Affidavit of Support(Certificate of Financial Responsibility), Solvency Certificate etc. to be sent to the university. As the bank statement shows your liquid assets, bank statement for I20 is the most important document to be sent to university so that the university processes your I20 as soon as possible. Below is the sample bank statement for I20 you can refer and can ask the bank officials to make one for you. Ideally take 10 copies of bank statement for I20 as you would have applied to max 8-10 universities. Also many of you will be taking an education loan to sponsor your higher education. Apart from bank statement, you can also send loan sanction letter. There is no need of Solvency Certificate if the balance in the bank statement for I20 is equal to or more than the specified I20 amount.

Sample Bank Statement for I20

Mr/Ms. XXX

Date: 09/01/2014







This is to certify that Mr. XXX residing at the above address is having a Savings Bank A/C No: XXXX with our Branch. The account is maintained very satisfactorily and present balance in his Savings Bank A/C is Rs. 35,00,000 ( Rupees Thirty Five Lakhs ) which is equivalent to US $56,450 ( US Dollars Fifty Six Thousand Four Hundred Fifty ) approximately. ( Conversion Rate : Rs 62 = US $1 ).

Branch Manager,

Name & address of the Bank.

Date :


Make sure that the bank statement for I20 is on the official letter pad of the bank and it should contain the stamp of the bank and signature of the branch manager. The above mentioned format can be used for F1 Visa purpose too.

More information about finances and F1 visa related information to be updated soon.

4 thoughts on “Bank Statement for I20

  1. What if I have only 7-8 L funds in bank including Savings + Fixed Deposit ?
    I’m stuck at Financial Affidavit form :(

    1. Hi Vivek,

      I understand your Dilemma. Unfortunately, you need to show a legit proof of funding that covers atleast the first year of your I20 amount. My advise would be to pursue an education loan.

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