GRE Test experience

GRE Exam Experience : Do’s and Don’t’s on the D-Day

GRE Test experience

Well hello guys…, I recently took my GRE exam and had an about of thousands of new experience which I thought should share with you people cause it is really useful especially during that 4-hours…! Ok, so I will cover each and every step and try to show a picture, from what to bring for GRE exam to the final step of seeing your marks, and get you through my GRE exam experience.

Prerequisites for GRE Exam

Keep a check on these things before you leave for the GRE exam hall

  • Passport
  • Exam ticket (Confirmation ID)
  • Other identity proof if you do not have passport
  • DO NOT bring pen, pencil or any other stuffs Continue reading
Study Abroad

Highly Emerging destination to study abroad

An Introduction to Study Abroad

With each passing year the demand to study abroad is increasing and so is the taste of the studying destinations. Until now you would hear only the two ‘U’ words viz. US and UK from the students who want to study abroad. But gone is that ‘U’ factor, students are now very keen on trying out the new destinations to study abroad. Students are very easily attracted towards the countries offering easier Visa rule and offering new job and career opportunities. Here are listed some of the most sought study abroad destinations on the fire list.


 1. Germany

Germany is becoming a popular study abroad destination among the students. It is emerging today as the top priority among the students. It is preferred highly among the engineering students and the most preferred by the students in automotive engineering. Germany offers a very high world-class academic education with the degrees being recognized worldwide. Continue reading

US Universities

Are you ready for Higher Education ?

With the onset of the 3rdyear of engineering, the idea of higher education starts to take the grip at your mind. You would suddenly start to notice the Ads, blogs, classes and even start to discuss it with your friends about what to do next in your life. And it is also obvious by looking at the pace of the competition in the world the need of doing Master’s or getting higher education is just a must.


Is there a need to go for Higher Education?

Well, the answer is just not a simple yes or no. First of all, look at your field, its future scope and need and then ask yourself; do you really want to do it? Continue reading