GRE Test Day

GRE Test Day : What to Bring to the GRE

Test Takers often have a dilemma regarding things that can be brought to the test Center on the Test Day. I remember my own experience when I was nervous the day before with what should I get. Would they provide me Pencils? Will I need to bring stationery of my Own? Am I allowed to bring food and water? What to bring to the GRE? These were some of the questions from the top of my head and are very common with every test Taker. So what exactly do you need to bring to the ETS test Center for the GRE?

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Toefl listening

Toefl Listening Test Format : All you need to know about TOEFL Listening

The Listening section on the TOEFL usually contains both informal and formal conversations. It is common to expect classroom lectures, seminars or informal conversation between two classmates on the TOEFL listening test. Depending on your luck you may encounter 4 to 6 such lectures along with their related questions and paragraphs. If you have the experimental section questions, your listening session may last upto 90 minutes. Continue reading