USICS H1B suspension

H1B Premium Processing Suspended: USCIS Will Temporarily Suspend Premium Processing for All H-1B Petitions

Just a couple of hours ago, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency, USICS, announced that starting with April 3, 2017, All the H1B Premium Processing Applications are now suspended.

This news has come as a panic to many F1-OPT Students and H1B applicants, as some of them are mistakenly considering it as a suspension of the H1B program itself. Contrary to this, USICS has clearly mentioned that this is a suspension on the “premium processing” of the program and not the actual applications itself.

So what does the USICS H1B premium Suspension actually mean?

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Packing for study abroad

Things to Pack For Study Abroad – Shopping List

So, the other week, Chirag posted a nice little document for one of the University’s International Students community which documented a nice list of things to pack for study abroad before the students leave India. I thought, why not publish the same here and help other students going to different Universities in the US and other countries too!

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