Northeastern University

Northeastern University: Review and answers to FAQs

Northeastern University


Northeastern University is a private nonprofit research university located in Boston, Massachusetts. It was started in 1898. Northeastern University has other campuses in  Charlotte, North Carolina, and Seattle, Washington as well. Many people are offered Seattle campus who cannot make to Boston campus.


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ms in mis

Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA

Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA

Before we list the Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA, let us discuss something about MIS. Many people nowadays who have significant amount of work experience prefers MS in MIS and similar programs where they can learn Management courses along with the technical as compared to general CS where it is only technical.  Many think that MIS means no coding which is completely wrong. You will have significant amount of coding during your MS in MIS as well. MIS programs is combination of Technical + Management courses. For example the courses will include: Data Extraction & Analysis, Foundation of Information Systems, Managing IT Systems etc. MIS graduates create IT & Business Systems which are useful in organizing and management of the organization.

There are some popular areas / specializations in Management Information Systems(MIS) and they are:

  • Business Intelligent Systems
  • Data and Text Mining
  • ERP
  • Business Analytics

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magoosh gre

Magoosh GRE Review 2015: A detail review on Magoosh GRE

Magoosh GRE Review

This post is about a detailed review on Magoosh GRE with the latest features magoosh provide. We’ll discuss whether it’s worth spending your bucks on Magoosh or not. Many things have changed in Magoosh GRE from time to time. So this is updated review on new Magoosh GRE. So here it goes..

Magoosh is Online GRE Coaching Software. Its a US based education company. I’m already premium user of Magoosh.

[FTC Disclosure] : HEB Uses Commission based Affiliated links to promote their recommended products.


The access for Magoosh lasts  for 6 months. The access used to last 1 year during its initial phase) but I guess 6 months is more than enough to study for GRE. First of all if you want to try, you can try Magoosh for a week for Free. Yes the videos and questions will be limited but you can have a look at it. If you like, you can sign up for full course. There are 200+ videos on each and every topic for Quantitative, Verbal and AWA. There are 1300+ practice questions. For every practice question you answer there will be a Video explanation as well as Text explanation for the same. Continue reading