Statement Of Purpose

An Introduction to Statement Of Purpose(SOP)

Statement of Purpose  will play a very important role in getting you your dream admit. I’ve seen people even with low GRE score and low GPA but writing a Real good SOP helps them crack a good admit.

What actually SOP is?

Statement of Purpose(also known as Essay) is one of the procedure of Application Process. In Statement of Purpose, you have to describe your own views on why are you selecting this university and what will you gain in future. Its all about describing your inner views.

Most of students SOP’s are almost duplicates of their colleagues/seniors or from internet resources.

Sometimes essays is written by combining different sample SOP’s obtained from various sources.

SOP will play a vital role in getting you a good admit into world class university you ever dreamed to study.

Admission Committee can easily identify if you have written the essay on your own or not. It won’t take long time to identify that you haven’t written SOP on your own.

So better not to copy the sample essays. Of course you can use sample essays for your reference purposes.

There are hell lot of SOP writing services/websites which provides you with some sample SOPs.  If you have any senior studying in US who can Evaluate your SOP, than you can take help of them too.

If you’re not that good at writing, better write down the summary and then get some professional help to write SOP. That will be much better then copying entire SOP and screwing your admission chances.

I will discuss on how to write Statement of Purpose in my next two posts. I will even post some Sample SOP’s for reference purposes.

Till then Hang on..!! :)

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