GRE Test experience

GRE Exam Experience : Do’s and Don’t’s on the D-Day

GRE Test experience

Well hello guys…, I recently took my GRE exam and had an about of thousands of new experience which I thought should share with you people cause it is really useful especially during that 4-hours…! Ok, so I will cover each and every step and try to show a picture, from what to bring for GRE exam to the final step of seeing your marks, and get you through my GRE exam experience.

Prerequisites for GRE Exam

Keep a check on these things before you leave for the GRE exam hall

  • Passport
  • Exam ticket (Confirmation ID)
  • Other identity proof if you do not have passport
  • DO NOT bring pen, pencil or any other stuffs
  • Do bring chocolates and Sweets, yes you will need them !

Well reach before half an hour of your GRE exam. Once in the room ,you will be checked and confirmed with your identity, fill a form and sign the agreement sort of  ‘You will not cheat or disclose questions to anyone even after exams otherwise your result would be cancelled’ . Then you would be thoroughly checked by a metal detector. So Beware please empty your pockets, you cannot carry anything not even handkerchief, and you will be checked twice. So please keep all the stuffs in your bag and preferably don’t bring them. Now just sit and wait for your turn to actually enter in the GRE exam room.

 In The Room of GRE Exam hall

So finally you are in the exam room, firstly you would be checked again for your pockets. Now here please be sure that nothing is there, because if something is found, even a small thing as plastic for which I was rammed, you are in trouble as the Lady is definitely gonna scold you. Next you will confirm your details. so please check it as it is going to appear on every GRE details. Okay so now you are ready, but wait one more thing before GRE exam !

Well you are given locker keys; yes it is for all your stuff like mobiles, handkerchief, chocolates, keys, but this locker is NOT for bags. So avoid bringing bags, if possible. So at last you will carry only 1 thing in your pockets, the locker keys, and passport in your hands. Okay so be ready for your exams.


Okay, so you are finally on your computer. There are cameras all around you, to be precise, one in your front , other at back and sorry if i forgot to see somewhere else ! These are audio recording cameras so they are listening guys.

Well about computer, computer geeks, you cannot do anything on it so don’t even try for it. Also you will be provided a ear bud for noise reduction, which is really needed to some. So familiar with atmosphere, a Lady will then type password to start the test.


You again have to agree with the agreement so read and click okay. Gear it up guys, you are about to start your exams. Click next and start typing the AWA !

Okay so in between you wont have time to stand up and relax, but if you want to drink water, then raise your hands and ask for permission from lady and drink water which is provided in that room; run back to computer. My advice drink less water because AC would be already running so …!!

 Break Time during GRE Exam Experience

Well as soon as you finish the last question, the Lady will know that it is your break time, so she will be standing right behind you. Here BEWARE to click on ‘Yes Break’ else you can directly continue if you do not want break.

So its time to relax, carry your passport and do not talk even outside of room. You cannot read anything not even newspapers, so just sit tight. Also its chocolate time, which now you will know how much it is needed, cause you are almost drained. You can access locker here, but ONLY for eatables.

Get back before time and gear up again.

 Back on Track: Tips for GRE Exam

Okay your GRE exam will continue only when the Lady will retype the password, and you are again solving your paper. The time is going to run fast so just see timer and answer questions.

And one more thing never try to guess the experimental section on the GRE Exam. Regarding verbal , it is as per mark, with superb questions and pretty much depending on your luck. And for Quants, just 1 thing, solve the questions like a rocket, cause it would be lengthy. Yes, the quant questions were very different to me from the usual papers I solved, much were familiar, but a majority of them were logical. As a bad luck I got 1 section of quant extremely difficult, to be specific, questions were tricky but not of too high level, only thing i lacked was time even though i was zooming past the questions. So my advice Beware of DI and be as fast as possible.

 Filling Universities after GRE Exam Experience

So you saw your score; congrats but be cautious for next step where majority of students fumble because of such long siting and frustration. BEWARE of each ‘Continue’ button here. I will explain in detail this part viz.

  • First screen is your scores screen click next
  • Here you will be able to submit your score for ‘Under graduation’  to universities
  • Click next and you can submit scores for ‘Post graduation’ to universities
  • Apply whichever is applicable to you from above and you can select either names of universities or directly enter the code; if you remember

Well I carved in detail this part because, if you skip it in haste or in misfired mouse button then you CANNOT come back to fill it.

 Party Time

So finished exam, enjoy scores and party hard.

So I hope that you guys might have got a complete picture of The GRE exam so Best of Luck and go to exams with full confidence.

46 thoughts on “GRE Exam Experience : Do’s and Don’t’s on the D-Day

    1. Tnx
      yea that’s what i thought and made mistake by filling in the undergraduate section when i saw and rectified my mistake.

  1. Hey, do we have an exam ticket? Is it the print out of the confirmation mail or is it something else?

      1. Well its not necessary, but if u remember code, then your work will be faster else you just scroll and find your university…

  2. What about the computer? Will it be a windows desktop where they will run some program or a different PC? I mean, can we use the calculator as on our windows desktop?

    1. Dont worry the OS of computer, as u wont be able to access anything…!!
      Dude CALC is provided in exam on screen…

  3. I am scared of the math, I keep getting wrong with my calculations, even I try hard to deal with it in a proper way. Any suggestions? please help me.

  4. if v dont have the passport can v still sit for the test? if yes then which id card should b taken?

  5. I gave magoosh gre test and they consider my other two section score but actually I did good in experimental section so in actual exam how they will score best 1 or worst 1

  6. Hey this is nischal and wrote gre on july 19 and got a score of 298..there’s an issue which has occurred. .me and my friend wer talking in the washroom as to how the exam was..the invigilator barged in and told he’ll raise an issue with our scores been witheld. .called ets ppl..they told they’ll send a letter where we’ve to defend ourselves..can u pls tell me how likely is tat our scores would be cancelled. .hav u come across such instances or instances where they’ve witheld and released the scores..

  7. Hey i have not received the email confirmation but d booking is done so now if i dnt have the print out of id verification am i allowed to take up the exam?

  8. they only let us pick like 4 universities after we get the scores… what if one wishes to select more than 4 universities.. ive heard that there’s an option there but dont really know how it works cause someone was saying that u need to pay like $25 or 30 for the same.? so do we need to carry the credit cards for that.? if yes then how.? cauz our credit cards would be in the wallet and which is gonna be be ultimately in the locker.. plz do reply as this info is no where mentioned clearly.

  9. Superb bro. Thanks a lot, But still have a confusion that is that mandatory to apply for universities then and there or it is better if we apply there. Can u suggest something? As i’m applying for Ph.D, I’ve to search for universities where my desired specialization is available.

  10. Do not carry personal items like hats, scarves, watches, mobiles, PDA and any other kind of electronic devices on the exam date to the test center. These are strictly prohibited inside the center.

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