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Admission Checklist for MS in US Fall 2014

Admission Checklist for Fall 2014

Most of you would have started the Application process and would be wondering on which things we need to include. Here’s the Admission checklist for the Application Process for Fall 2014 and check what are you missing.

So there are total 14 items on the Admission checklist for Graduate School Application for US Universities.

  1. Graduate School Application (Online or Paper)
  2. Application fee
  3. Statement of Purpose
  4. Letter of Recommendation (2-3)
  5. Resume / CV
  6. Official Transcripts (Sealed by University)
  7. Semester wise Mark sheets of B.Tech / B.E.
  8. GRE / GMAT Score Sheet
  9. TOEFL / IELTS Score Sheet
  10. Extra / Co Curricular Certificates
  11. Photo copy of Passport
  12. Affidavit of Support / Bank Statement (Not Always)
  13. Summary of Research Papers (If any)
  14. Work Experience / Internships certificate (If any)

You will need to report the GRE and TOEFL electronically through ETS official website. You can check the application fees and tuition fees of different US universities here. The length of statement of purpose is generally about 700-1000 words on an average but there are certain universities such as University of Florida, North Carolina State University etc which are strict about the SOP limit and the limit is 500 words only. Make sure you write precise and to the point in your SOP.

Also one important part of your application process is Resume. I will post an article in a day or two on how to make a  resume and will include some sample resumes. Please ensure that most of documents apart from GRE and TOEFL are ready and you submit the application before deadline. In most of the cases, you can send your GRE and TOEFL scores 15-20 days after the deadline.

Well if you think any of the documents are missing then please comment below so that I can include in the admission checklist. I hope this post on admission checklist helped you. Have any questions? Comment below :)

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18 thoughts on “Admission Checklist for MS in US Fall 2014

  1. Nice n crispy.. :) You have given everything to the point.. You can also add some more posts like application deadline for different universities. It would help people like me.

  2. I have got a score of 315 in GRE. Yet to take my TOEFL. Planning to do MS in MIS. I also have 3+ years of work experience in IT industry. I have 79% in my BE CSE. Please suggest me some universities for doing my PG.

  3. Can we send our TOEFL score to the university later after we apply for it ?
    I’ve heard that we can apply for the university without our TOEFL score, and send the score later.

  4. Affidavit of Support / Bank Statement
    please elaborate on this.
    University of illinois at Chicago requires it , but I am conused when do they require it , while applying ( its mentions upload it ), or after we get an admit.
    Pleae help as I do not have it now. will my application go under review without it?

    1. You can send them after you get an admit. Your application will go under review but you would need to send them the financial doc or bank statement to get the I-20 from them after the admit.

  5. Respected Chirag Sir,
    If I have my bank statement ready can I send this statement along with other documents?’
    Thank you.

  6. I have not taken gre and tofel. Planning to take ib dec end. Is it too late to apply for fall sem?

  7. Hello,
    Can I please know the format of bank statement? And should I have both the bank statement and the affidavit separately?

  8. could you please send me the lor’s and sop’s in pdc format… I’m from electronics and communication background..

  9. Hi Sir,
    Iam planning for MIS( Management Information Systems), and i have done my IELTS yet to take my GRE, please let me know the details of Universities in USA with out GRE and I have 2 years of work experience.

  10. Sir,
    I am hoping to apply for FALL 2015.
    Hope you will reply

    1. Hi, you should ideally prepare for GRE in may-june and give GRE in July. Get done with TOEFL/IELTS in August and work on SOP and LOR until december

  11. Hi, I have done with my GRE and got 312 (Q-168 V-144 AWA-3)..I am going to write TOEFl this May and hope to get more than 95…My acads are : IT – 8.1 (upto 5th sem) 12-97.8% papers or internships…Suggest me some universities to apply before writing TOEFL pls…Thanks in advance…

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