45 days GRE Study Guide


Day before yesterday, got a query from Kunj Thacker (one of our readers) on how to prepare for GRE in 45 days and a specific GRE Study Guide. I have considered that you work 6-7 hours/day. So Kunj, here it goes.!

GRE Study Guide

Essential Materials:

Optional Materials:

GRE Study Guide : First 20 days

-> Verbal:

  • Study 50 words per day from Manhattan 500 Essential words and Advanced Words and write it down in the hard copy.
  • Learn RC Strategies from Manhattan RC Book.
  • Practice 2 RC’s per day from codecoax.com and Manhattan RC Book.
  • Practice 5 CR’s per day from PowerScore GMAT CR Bible.

-> Quantitative:

  • Finish all the Manhattan 6 Quantitative Series of Books in 12 Days. (Yes you read it right! 12 days!)
  • Start with ETS Official Guide and Finish it in 2 days.
  • Start with Princeton 1014 Questions and Finish it in 6 days. Okay I know after doing Manhattan 6 Quant Books, the Princeton Book will be real easy but you need to keep your calm and complete it for the extra practice in the Quants.

GRE Study Guide : Next 10 days

-> Verbal:

  • So now you’ve learned 1000 words. Next step is to use them.
  • Practice SE ,TC and RC’s from ETS Official Guide and complete it in 3 days.
  • For the next 3 days, Practice SE & TC from Manhattan SE & TC Book.
  • For the rest 4 days, Practice SE, TC and RC’s from Princeton 1014 Practice Questions.
  • While Practicing the SE TC, when you come up with new words, try to note down them in your hard copy with the meaning of the words.
  • Optional: Go through the Barron’s 333 High Frequency Words in this 10 days.!

-> Quantitative:

  • Now, Start with the Nova Math Bible and complete it in the next 10 days.

GRE Study Guide : Last 15 days (Taking Mock Exams)

While taking mock exams, make sure that you analyze your mistakes and try to work on them.

Optional: Go through the Majortests.com’s 1500 wordlists.

  • 1st Day: Kaplan 1st MST
  • 2nd Day: Kaplan 2nd MST
  • 3rd Day: Kaplan 3rd MST
  • 4th Day: Kaplan 4th MST
  • 5th Day: Kaplan 5th MST
  • 6th Day: ETS Official Guide 1st Practice Test & ETS Official Guide 2nd Practice Test
  • 7th Day: Manhattan 1st MST
  • 8th Day: Manhattan 2nd MST
  • 9th Day: Manhattan 3rd MST
  • 10th Day: Manhattan 4th MST
  • 11th Day: Manhattan 5th MST
  • 12th Day: Manhattan 6th MST
  • 13th Day: ETS Powerprep 1st Test
  • 14th Day: ETS Powerprep 2nd Test
  • 15th Day: Revise words, Math formulaes and Take proper rest.
  • The D – Day: The GRE Exam (Do’s and Don’t’s on the D-Day)

A day after exam: Come back to this post and tell us how it went in the comments!

I hope this GRE Study Guide helps you to achieve your dream GRE score. All the best :D

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28 thoughts on “45 days GRE Study Guide

      1. if i purchase manhattan flashcards only will i get all manhattan tests?? or i have to purchase anyone of their book excepts flashcards for the test??

  1. I have a small doubt,…
    Why is that all your book recommendation include buying of books.
    Is there any marketing stratergy involved?Hope you are not misguiding us with this ..


    1. Being a registered company, I can’t give you the links to download any Illegal Documents/Books that are available on internet. So I put the Flipkart’s links. And if you know something about SEO, then putting links of external websites improve your GooglePage Ranks so the links helps us in that way too.

      If you think I’m misguiding you, then please stop visiting the website. Simple as that :)

        1. We are committed to help students. :)
          We haven’t created this thing to make money but to help people. I know such questions arises but one must know that the information we provide is for free and we never charge for it :)

  2. I’m really confused… how practicing 5 CR’s per day from PowerScore GMAT CR Bible is going to work for GRE xm??? As there is no CR in GRE.

  3. hie i had only 30 days left how to prepare for quant plz healp me out i am week in quant frm where to start frm which topic should i start

  4. Hey,

    Thanks for the great post!

    I’m planning to give my gre in may 1st week. To which semester, can I apply for some good univ’s? Pls help me. kindly reply.

    Also, if I have to apply for fall 2014, is it still possible for me to get admit with scholarship? Otherwise suggest a better date? Pls kindly help me out as I’m running out of time.pls…

  5. Hey it would be nice if you can guide us on essay writing. Since for majority of Good Colleges they ask AWA score of 4.0.The sources and Do’s and Don’t for AWA.

  6. Hey !
    A million thanx for ur effort
    can u provide me with another vocabs book (I couldn’t get hold of the Manhattans)

  7. Have you received any score reviews from those who have followed this preparation method ? How effective is it ?

    1. The 45 day guide is essentially the same time table that we recommend for 320+ in 30 days, albeit the difference being that in this guide there is more flexibility and lesser study hours per day. Many have received awesome scores!

  8. I would like to know how practicing 5 RC’s per day will help us in GRE as there are only 2 questions from RC’s in the exam?

    1. Hi Suz,

      Yes, but on the Verbal section, each point is a lot important, hence if RC is something you can prepare and score easily, why to lose out on the two points even?

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